Guru Thongdrel

Purpose: Installing Guru Thongdrel at Bidung Tashi Choekhorling Lhakhang. (Thongdrel means liberation at sight. It’s thought that seeing the Thongdrel will liberate us all sufferings and sins).

Items in Thongdrel: The central theme from the Thongdrel may be the Guru Rimpoche between his two female consorts (Khando Yeshi Tshogyal and Lhachey Manderava), His eight different manifestations, Zhabdrung Rinpoche and also the Buddha Amitabha (Sangay Yoepame) on top.

Background: Bidung Tashi Choekhorling Lhakhang (Kakane Lhakhang) was reconstructed at the begining of 90s with generous contribution from your parents in the village both when it comes to cash and sort. Since that time, in appreciation from the efforts being produced by our villagers, our elite elders from various walks of urban existence have started annual Drubchen and Tshechu for that wellness from the sentient creatures. It’s within this light that Mr. Tobgay from Bargoen and Mr. Karchung from Manizor started this noble project in consultation with civil servants, corporate and employees from Bidung employed in Thimphu.

Project Implementation and standing: The project began in 2008 with initial contributions from Bidungpas and well wishers. The help caused by contributor and well wishers have assisted us materialize and advance this far – the conclusion from the central theme (i.e. the embroidery from the primary body).

The job is happening. As the central area of the Thongdrel is finished, its surrounding figures (total 14) are yet to consider their shapes. The general size the Thongdrel is 30ft X 30ft (refer the final page)

Price of the project: a)Total price from the project -Nu. 900,000.00 b)Contribution received by date-Nu. 2,41,000.00

Fund deficit – (a) – (b) = Nu. 6, 59,000.00

Project completion: With oneness and consolidation of sentiments of Bidungpas and well wishers, the Thongdrel is going to be performed by the finish of December 2009 and shall be prepared for installation throughout the Annual Drubchen/Tshechu in The month of january 2010. Accordingly, the consecration ceremony is going to be carried out in those days using the first unfurling from the Thongdrel with the invitation of the Famous Rinpoche.

Challenges: The primary problem faced presently may be the acute shortage of funds. The different means happen to be attempted to boost some fund towards fulfilling this noble cause but to little avail. Therefore, this document requires a donation/contribution by Bidungpas, well wishers along with other potential sources to installing Guru Thongdrel at Bidung Tashi Choekhorling Lhakhang.

Acknowledgement: The people/contributor will be acknowledged using the info on the entire process of the fund found in writing. The detail account from the project is going to be circulated The people/contributor is going to be asked for that consecration ceremony What they are called of contributor with contributed amount is going to be imprinted and displayed in the Lhakhang for reference in occasions in the future in recognition of the generous contributions

Appeal: Therefore, it’s to request all Bidungpas along with other well wishers to kindly support this noble initiative in the building of a treasure for Bidung Tashi Choekhorling Lhakhang. Without your generous support: the reason shall ‘t be satisfied and also the costs incurred till date wouldn’t be significant. Therefore, it’s our solemn prayer that Bidungpas along with other well wishers would voluntarily lead within their most effective method to get this to initiative successful story to understand and appear back with satisfaction and memory -I/we’ve done it’.

Together we are able to really make a difference!!!!!!

Anyone interested to create a donation with this noble work may email or call to 00975-17607858

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