Gun dam oo cosplayArm to Teeth

The introduction of anime series from Japan has opened new vistas for newer plays, and entertainment other than video games. The costumes used in these anime series have gained huge popularity and the fans are very eager to display the costumes, coining the word cosplay, combining the words costumes and play.

is a very famous anime series and the main character is setsuna F seiei who is the main protagonist of the series. He was discovered a t a very young age of 14 by celestial being as they thought he had a special potential as a pilot. He then grew up to pilot the gun dam exia and alter 00 gun dam and is presently gun dam master, the real anime of setsui is soran Ibrahim and setsuna is the code name given to him specializing in melee combat. When his nation Krugis republic was badly torn by war, he was a child soldier at hat time. But as fate had it, he was influenced by Ali al saachez and had to murder his own parents so that he could prove his devotion to god. . This makes him develop a deep hatred towards saachez. The whole episode makes him lose his belief in god as he was actually brainwashed by saachez and misled to do the cruel act. After disappearing for a period of four years, setsuna reappears later on and joins the celestial being. As for the cosplay costumes of setsuna, there are mainly uniform costume, Wang liu mei costume, the casual outfit of setsuna in with shirt, black pants an a scarf of red color. Apart from these there are gun dam 00 cosplay tieria cosplay uniform, vashti costume, the party dress, suemragi cosplay, marina costume and co on. All these can be had online at . They are neatly packed with plastic bag and will be shipped direct to the address. Other accessories of include the necklace version and also Mr. Bushido cosplay costume. There are ribbon wig from gun dam, lockon wig, party dress of tiera, tiera wig, allelujah wig, and setsuna wig. The costumes are available in all sizes for adults and kids. Gun dam 00 cosplay is another way of expressing the inner self of a person who wants to bring out the deep desire to show the childish part hidden. n.

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