Gulf War vet saves drowning girl

Gulf War veteran: Plant Chadbourne, saves drowning teen-aged girl. Fearlessly saving the lady in the frigid waters from the North Atlantic near Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Chadbourne leaped in to the 4-feet waves from his 24-feet pleasure boat and swam quickly to in which the girl’s mind had disappeared, departing merely a couple of bubbles at first glance. Despite strong sea power, Chadbourne re-made an appearance by 50 percent minutes using the girl’s mind cradled underneath his arm and after that side-stroked both of them to safety. Once ashore, local newspaper reporters attempted to talk with Chadbourne about his heroic task, but Chadbourne had discreetly disappeared in to the crowd. Such behavior is allegedly usual for combat experienced reconnaissance scouts about whom Tom Clancy has written titles like, “Ghost recon”. Apparently, one reporter received a phone call later on that day from an apologetic Chadbourne, who silently and demurely mentioned that he’d would rather ‘t be in news reports.

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