Gucci Pelham Beigeebony GG Fabric Hobo Bag

I forget how beautiful Gucci beige/ebony are. I spoke with my workmate last week about how much I normally love Gucci pelham hobo bag, but it took seeing one of their handbags on a fellow shopper’s arm while buying a New Year costume yesterday to remind me that they usually do an obnoxiously good job with GG fabric as well.

The is an excellent example of Gucci’s signature style – textured, supple. The color variation and distressing on this bag are absolutely perfect. It doesn’t look worn or previously used, it simply looks like the GG fabric is high-quality, and that the people who designed it took care to treat it in such a way to bring out its inherent beauty.

When I first saw the Gucci pelham hobo bag, I couldn’t help but think that the whole thing seemed kind of sedate for the Gucci aesthetic. I know that the brand has plenty of simple, clean-lined bags at a variety of price points, but whenever I see one of them, it just seems like they’re missing the point of being Gucci.

And that’s just what they achieved. I doubt that this fabric is super soft in person, but it does look like it would be incredibly durable. Combine that with a functional shape and a beautiful medium grey neutral color, this is the sort of bag that so many women would do well to add to their wardrobe. The signature braided handle is a telltale Gucci detail that doesn’t overpower the beautiful finish of the leather.

The look this hobo handbag pushes is very tame, I’ll admit, but it’s also mature and not too showy. The GG fabric is the only branding that I can see from where I’m sitting, and the choice of shiny hardware instead of matte gives it a small pop of Gucci glam. As always, I also can’t say no to a good black hobo bag.

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