Guardian to correct the language

One hundred and fifty second chapter of major curtain LOH the good xiao mother Xu Jingzong case, start treatment quickly. b thanks to Li Wei’s letter, or not easy to handle. Most of the ministers, to continue to see the emperor trends. Li Zhi can not export themselves say the Xu Jingzong commit such a big case, and can not say, high-light. Truculent public opinion, despite Perhaps most Emperor, Li Zhi, will still be considered. Up in essence, is the case,, he was the emperor is not doing bad. Li Wei received the letter, how many people do not understand continue processing continues, bound to incriminate Prince? Say, even if the Minister took the opportunity to want to discard the Empress Wu can be the Prince spoke up, not the emperor despite despite Queen, Prince despite they became what courtiers? So waiver of down. This is the Empress Wu Li Wei came forward. Is dealt with leniently, implicated in many people. The Assassin’s aides, as well as servants, all beheaded. Is beheaded immediately, not wait until after the autumn, and kill people far more than the Helan Min’s that time of major. But Lee Wei pondering kill immediately, the witness to the anxious time. Then exile, demotions are is Xu Jingzong close Minister, the Minister also mostly have a good impression of Empress Wu. In fact, the case and irrelevant, can because Xu Jingzong jiao, to get involved. Wu Zetian hear in the palace, the pain came off a few teeth, and also have to agree. Next, is Xu Jingzong family, including Xu Yanbo, including, and with exiled to Lingnan. Hao at Jun resolutely Wenzhan does not the Formosan Aboriginal sin said Zhumie can refer the case Shangguan Yi, Shangguan Yi is just a non-existent conspiracy, father and son all killed. Li Zhi was yin the sullen, said: twice a year, major and does endure is not enough it? Let go I how big yu? a. Ultimately, though, Xu Yanbo own with no real In fact, to hear the merits of the development, and even the original Lee Wei just want to give parents the next step, and finally to high-light. If not stopped in time, the case is not the case, there is likely to evolve into an intricate political wrangling. Even Yang Sixuan are memorial case the truth is, which the Yang Sijian of nv, the slanders by Xu Jingzong more justice court to Yeung Ka Yang Min, a innocence. Gascoigne Road Pei has not been silent, it touches on the Kurtis another the Minister Zuoqian living Scheeren of PEI Yan remonstrances chime, Xu Jingzong case need to be down, after all, implicated the courtiers celebrities, reached nearly two hundred people before and after. Without untimely added, appeared to be to the Prince and the crown of the period, the Crown Princess earlier laid down. This is the important thing. Pei Yanguan not re-post, but a great reputation, not only the origin of the name mn, his father is also an important official Hirofumi Hall also childhood into school. Not the Imperial College, Hirofumi Hall, that is what the children learn to enter? Yuchi Jingde and process knowledge section or Li Ji as hero offspring to go, Xu Jingzong let his grandson Xu Yanbo into the care of Queen’s mn Road. May have gained by virtue of the identity of the two, since an official post, however, this popular festival is extraordinary, insisted imperial examination able that by the middle of the top, this to enter the career. Many called him as a man of laughs, odd section. However PEI Yan Pei Ju Road, although the same out of Hedong Pei, but not a room, do not know the odd festival how behalf Pei Ju Road to speak? Li Wei is very puzzling … In short, wants to groan some benefits from this case. Finally, Lee Wei depressing to say the sentence: Distance is Luoshui, embankments down some, and has not been revised, the swamp became living water, far from there of a xiao Creek comes from Mangshan through swamps, sink to the Luoshui. So the the water children not rancid, exudes the atmosphere of a river algae. Water s clarity clear standing on the shore, you can see the fish in the water in the swimming. The reeds also the Qingbi lush, and from time to time the birds fly out. To the distance, can see the Luoshui have many boats after hanging white sail, pulp scull is to stay for a long time … the Orient House, wanted out outing. Siege also strong, outside of the people inside the palace is full gold is silver y, even the palace the column are studded gold, the palace beauty nv clouds, dance endlessly. In fact, many people stay in the palace, on the outside,, but it is admired very. Lee Wei regarded xng grid lukewarm, stay at Orient House, is pretty bearable, exercise, reading a book. Change a xng anxious moderns through, not to mention the political ugliness, intrigue, dull palace life, will not afford. But it does not mean Lee Wei like. Exactly g this huangzhuang to do the test, there will be some excuse and often to huangzhuang through gas children. Then there are the whimsical, to plant alfalfa, hillside or water shortages, the end can not make people come to fetch water or rely on it rain, growing always exuberant. So, to say an idea, water step by step, like southern terraces lead to the top of the hill on alfalfa irrigation. Zhu Jing is very silent, do not know whether or not to persuade. Because this is not the agricultural industry, trends in the development of some as craftsmen. Zhu Jing forthright with added, Lizhi Long Yantai Yue Jing Zhu served as Secretary of Prince Edward straight, it is equivalent to the DPRK in the royal doctor, responsible for persuasion. Waitin emperor sent, the poor the Di Renjie and Wei Yuanzhong desperate effectiveness, Prince hearts aides, do not hang up the Orient House any office. Zhu Jing regarded guessed it again the Si Nongqing, will make some of Carpenter and Industry officials openly invited. Farming, not afraid of someone plain speaking, bumbling negotiate new waterwheel, how to use a new type of waterwheel chou water step by step to the top of the hill. While pretending to be ignorant guess, a step-by-step prompts dead brain cells, and finally to the Minister of resuscitation, multi-axis waterwheel out. Tired to see these officials will be drawing drawn, Li Wei lying on the ground at once. These officials are excited to go back. Lee Wei did not look at the clouds in the sky, coming in August, wide high up the sky, the clouds look the February un cloud lithe downcast August to see Autumn Clouds noble weak all year seen The best time of the cloud. IQue days trying to get the time and day of noon, or some heat. Came to the reeds,, but looking at the water, it touches on the action of the heart, the outside robe off into the water. This time Jing Zhu did not stop Prince Needless to say, go see the mud, go back to gnaw He has not done anything farming, watching those text can see what stuff? Prince finally had that Li Wei suddenly get on the ground to go elsewhere silt, see fi not fi step on it does not matter, if swimming inappropriate. But the reeds beside the mud, reed root fixed up, and actually very clean, so step up to do a couple of very nice swimming in water. This idea of ??moving for a long time, finally achieved today. But Zhu Jing anxious not know misspeak, shouted: The sh Guardian to correct the language of his disease, Li also gas to Zhu King asked: ear, U.S. s myself and others of the matter? sao scrambling people, or safari I do not know Key Periods of things? not light lifting. malarkey, crossed past. Or like some reaches of the Jinsha River, where a dark swirling, but it is not good tour, good water xng will not encounter strong dark swirling river bottom can Life Health sucked. Noir a, Li Wei helplessness, said: entertainment can be plain speaking of His Highness rustic life, is well deserved. is His Royal Highness, Crown Prince, the future ruler, should the world and set an example. course, His Royal Highness would like to learn Suiyangdi want to learn Jie Zhou, When Collinson What if did not say that. Li Wei said unhappily: alive, I am afraid there is no Zhu Jing is more stringent requirements on their own. Zhu Jing is very disappointing g, depressed, did not immediately return to the Orient House, but went to Di Renjie your family. Or would like to look at Yang Min, but what did not settle down, sparked controversy may be even more unfavorable to Yang Min, had to give up. At several Di LOH and Di good to give him the most comfortable, after all, in his early twenties, understand many things, without seeking higher status. In fact, in the final analysis, the age is slightly larger, and did not give him a sense of guilt of Lolita. And stayed on that occasion for a very long time, the goods xng good police facial s also learn some. This is Yang Min, Xu Li three nv sub not learn to. Therefore, with Di good Di LOH jiao talk very comfortable. Not only Di LOH Di Fortunately, there gave Di Renjie, a palace nv, also your family. All welcome. Lee Wei Ying to the living room, Di of LOH Di good tea for Lee Wei. While, Lee Wei felt that the atmosphere was not good, Di LOH and Di really how to speak. Gradually react, I was doing a thoughtless, reward Di Renjie Palace nv, to be fair, everyone, did not take into account the feelings of two less nv. Given Palace nv Di Renjie, do the concubine of xiao, also is their Also normal to feel total so two nv strange. PS: seeking monthly support. Today and there are

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