GSM 900 MHz Cell Phone Booster Amplifier RF Repeater 65dB 2000

designed for use in larger office buildings, warehouses or manufacturing facilities with signal shadowed environments, offers 65dB Cellular (890.0-915.0 MHz) band and 2000 square meters coverage area and works with all cellular carriers who operate on the 900 MHz frequency. With it, you’ll experience fewer dropped calls, faster data rates, and clearer reception.


Greatly reduces dropped calls, extends signal range, and increases data rates. 65dB GSM-900 (890.0-915.0 MHz) band for worldwide use. Up to 2000 square meters working range. No physical connection to your cell phone or data card. Allows multiple phones and cellular data cards to be used simultaneously. Oscillation (or interference) detection and automatic shutdown with auto reset. Overload protection circuit – protects cell towers from being overloaded. Amplifies signals both to and from the cell tower. Power control logic ensures maximum gain is within cellular standards. Extends battery life – Booster enables phone to work at reduced power. Frequency range: Uplink 890-915MHZ, Downlink 935-960MHz Gain (dB): Uplink Gp=65, Downlink: Gp=70 Export power (Po): =27dBm Pass band ripple: =3dB I/O impedance: 50O/N connector Noise figure: =4dB Transmission Delay: =0.5s Ambient temperature: -10C~60C Power supply: AC110~220V 45~55Hz Size: 220 x 140 x 40 mm Reliability: To the GB6993-86 standard Electromagnetic compatibility: To the ETS300 694-4 standard Coverage area: 2000 sq m (21,000 sq ft) Easy Installation:

What you need for the installation: a Repeater, an outdoor high gain Yagi antenna, an indoor antenna, cables and an AC power supply adapter, and so on. The Repeater has three connectors: 1. a DC connector for a DC 9V input. 2. A N-Type RF connector for connecting to an indoor antenna. 3. a N-Type connector for connecting to an outdoor antenna. The installation is simple and no configuration or tuning is required. Install the Yagi and aerial antennas outdoor and indoor respectively, connect the cables and power, and go!

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