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Dynamics GP is based on MS SQL Server, and this fact allows you to deploy SQL Stored Procedures to integrate huge number of day sales transactions, which are accumulated in Microsoft Retail Management System Store Operations or Enterprise Manager databases. If you control multiple stores or franchises in RMS Enterprise Manager, integration point should be this central database. Microsoft Dynamics GP could be hosted on the same SQL Server or separate computer, where you can deploy linked server to provide connection between GP and RMS, assuming that both server are linked through high speed intranet, as integration allows you to move to GP and back to RMS large number of records and transactions. We realized that for large retailers business rules are different and out of the box package may be not the best approach. This is why we are implementing GP RMS integration as the solution, which has base logic and could be tuned to reflect your business processes in a few weeks. Let’s come through solution highlights:

1.SOP or RM transactions. If you need complete inventory count and quantity control in GP, then you should consider integration on the Sales Order Processing Invoice or Order level. However if you do not need physical items allocation, and just need to reflect distribution to GL accounts, then you should integrate each RMS sale to separate RM invoice or return

2.Inventory Items pushing from GP to RMS. We saw multiple cases where in RMS you are pretty limited to Inventory items creation, barcode labels printing. At the same time, these simple routines are natural in Great Plains, especially if you are deploying Crystal Reports

3.GP purchasing push to RMS. Again, GP Purchase Order Processing module is natural in the environment where you do inventory count in GP and as such you have to work in GP on the Purchase Order Processing module as well

4.GP items lot numbering. If you are in Jewelry business, your items typically have very short life cycle and in order to automate new items creation, instead of creating thousands of new items per month, you simplify their Item codes in Inventory control and attribute new items with lot numbers in GP, and push then to RMS as item/lot combination

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