Great Plains California VAR Newsflash FRx Recovering Notes

FRx financial reporting is designed to cover Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and Statement of Cash Flow as well as consolidated versions, where consolidation is based on Reporting tree, which in turn could be consolidating companies, or GL account segments. FRx is by all means great reporting tool, however if you are not professional Great Plains consultant, you should be aware that due to the fact, that FRx is designed to server various accounting applications: GP, Axapta, Navision, Solomon, Small Business Financials, etc. – you should expect this universality to require technical expertise in FRx maintenance. In this small publication we would like to cover FRx service pack related issues:

1.Dynamics GP 10.0 requires FRx SP 9 or higher. In fact, manufactured FRx CD is coming with FRx 6.7 SP 9 incorporated. If you have earlier version of Dynamics GP and respectively FRx 6.7 installed and implemented in your organization, please be aware of FRx service pack related issues. First login your existing FRx and write down its version. For example if you are on GP 9.0, likely your FRx is 6.7.8XXX – or 6.7 with service pack 8. In this situation, if you will try to insert FRx 6.7 CD, coming with GP 10.0 (it is 6.7 with SP9) – FRx will be installed and then it will try to upgrade SysData forlder: Specification set files. Upgrade might be successful, however all the other users, who are on 6.7 SP8 will not be able to use FRx and will receive error message similar to the following: FRxDemo.f32 could not be updated. Verify that all FRx programs have been closed by other users, and that you have modify permissions for Sysdata directory. Please, follow the steps below to understand the issue and guidelines for fixing

2.When FRx upgrade happens, it upgrades so-called specification set files. Specification set files are relatives to Microsoft Access DB files and they are getting locked during the upgrade and then when user call them. If user tries to call FRx specification files, located in Sysdata from older version of FRx workstation, locks are placed, but then there is no way out in old FRx logic. You can try two scenarios: roll back to old service pack or upgrade to new service pack on all the FRx workstations

3.Rolling back. Here you should look at your system backup and locate FRx Sysdata folder from the day before. If this is your lucky day, first restart your computer or server, where FRx sysdata was hosted (to release locks, or MS Access ldf files), then restore it from backup

4.Forcing upgrade. First recommended step is to reboot the server, hosting Sysdata folder. The other work around would be to uninstall FRx application on local computer, Citrix or terminal server and then reinstall FRx with different sysdata and IO_Data folders. Then change Sysdata folder path to the copy of the Sysdata – make a copy of this folder and in the copy delete all LDF files

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