Grappling Classes in Chanhassen MN

When you are attacked by someone, what do you do? Do you panic and get yourself injured, or do you let the attacker do what he wants until he walks away? Or better yet, do you knock him to the ground? Knocking the attacker to the ground can be successful by using grappling maneuvers. Grappling consists of techniques that are purposed to bring the opponent to the ground by gripping him/her, instead of using strikes or blows. This set of techniques is an aid to those who are smaller than their opponents. Because in grappling, you do not need to be big or tall. All you need is to know the proper drills and techniques that can help you defend yourself.

The attire for grappling classes in Chanhassen is just simple. T-shirt and athletic shorts are totally fine, while other equipment such as the mouthpiece is just optional to be worn. Others even wear whatever is comfortable to them. Grappling classes begin with a 10 to 15-minute stretching just to pump up the body. This may include the basic jumping jacks, light jogging, or push-ups. But it may also include crab crawls, front and back shoulder rolls, and also army crawls. Then stretching of the arms, legs, and the neck is done. After this tune up, students will now learn the diverse techniques. The students will be sorted into pairs and they will find their own place in the room or dojo. Then the instructor will demonstrate the maneuver as the students will mimic and practice it. Other teachers will be around to encourage and help the other students who are having difficulties in doing the demonstrated moves. If one cannot execute the proper technique, other instructors are approachable and friendly enough to assist them. For the remaining time, students are allowed to do sparring with their classmates. Here, instructors will be watching their moves in order to monitor safety precautions.

These are just some segments done during grappling classes. The class set-up is also mentioned above. This set-up is also done in other forms of martial arts as well. Now back to the question above, what will you do? With the knowledge and skills of grappling, you can easily throw the attacker down and defend yourself. You can even escape from the attacker once he is weak on the ground. You do not have to give in or surrender to the wants of the attacker, especially if it threatens your life. But all you have to do is to apply what you have learned in grappling classes. And then you will victorious. Self- defense is the main key.

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