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The market for technologically advanced gadgets and software both within and outside the information technology industry has been expanding each day. C and C++ are such fast, portable, easy, widely used and technologically sound programming languages that have been popular in the market for quiet sometime and have proved their worth. Developed by Dennis Ritchiein between 1963-1973 “C” programming language stands for no specific term, however there was “B” that was the abbreviation used for BCPL (Basic Control Programming Language, some additions and developments in the BCPL led to a new language “C” or what we may call as(Computer Programming Language). This language writes applications for nearly all available platforms, though it was initially developed for writing Unix programs only.

C++ is however a variant of C programming language and comprises of many attributes very similar to C, and with a lot of improvement in the latter and an object oriented features. The presence of this language can be dated back to 1985 where C++ was first commercially implemented. C is simply a method of using words and alphanumeric characters to create a set of instructions that form a program.

These programming languages are though easy to use and popular worldwide but when applying these languages to develop programs assistance from professional C and C++ developers is necessary. These C, C++developers design, build up, code and test highly developed superior client server software and related products on C++ application setting.

Apart from designing and creating server software; C, C++ developers also perform some more roles as listed as below.

– Write and develop noteworthy C++ code elements.

– Coding resources and describing software elements on .Net, PHP, ASP.Net and C++.

– Test and confirm stability of software product discharge files.

– Components in harmony with the software test plans help check and validate incorporated software elements.

– Describe and find out the product module combination string and integration environment needs.

– Define and develop software standards to apply encryption, defence settings and principles.

– Conduct tests, mend virus and examine code to maintain quality standards.

– Put together organized component with the rest of the C or C++ application

– Certify that the final individual application or library functions reliably when used by the end-user.

– Revise system paths time and again on UNIX systems.

A lot of people think that C and C++ are the same and use both the terms alternatively, but in real though a lot of their attributes match; a developer many a times know only C and therefore not develop programs that need C++ knowledge. Both these applications are way different than the other. Some differences such as data security in case of C++ with the help of its OOP feature; procedural programming paradigm (importance on procedure/steps of the program) in case of C and multi-paradigm (focus on data more than process) in case of C++; etc hold C completely different from C++ and therefore C and C++ developers need to be well versed with both the .

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