Good Places To Go Skimboarding On Oahu

SkimBoardPros”>Oahu is probably most famous for it`s surfing competitions, especially on the North Shore. Have no fear though there`s plenty of good places to go skimboarding on Oahu.

So lets start off here.

The South Shore: 1. Sandy Beach is a good place, it is a little crowded but it has a powerful shorebreak. 2. Waikiki is not so good during the day but after the sun goes down it`s game on. 3. Ewa Beach/Barbers Point-small waves lapping on the shore but this beach is never crowded.

The West Shore: 1. Yokohama Bay has big,thick shorebreak with good sidewash potential with the right swell direction. This is a locals spot so be courteous to them, they`re very protective over their areas. 2. Makaha has some big backwashing waves on shore, this place too is a locals area, so keep that in mind. 3. Also along the West Shore there are plenty of small beaches so keep your eyes open as you`re driving.

The North Shore: 1. Waimea has some great shorebreaks when its breaking, sometimes the sand bars can be a problem so keep your eyes open. 2. Some other places like Pipeline, Sunset have on and off days due to the shifting sand bars however they are usually good after a couple days lull in the big waves.

On the East shore a)Pounders has a small shorebreak with sidewash potential though this beach is usually crowded. b)Makapuu is further out than the others making it hard to hit any of the BIG waves. Back in the day this beach was reserved for only Royalty.

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