Good Dual Profession For Pally 4.3 WoW

What’s good dual profession for pally in world of warcraft 4.3 ? Here, you will learn everything you need to know about some good dual profession for pally 4.3 wow, most of the content also applies to normal and heroic dungeons.

Mining. whether your ret or prot or holy JC caters to it all with custom gems increasing your stats and trinkets to fill in the gaps. It has the potential to become a great gold maker after you gather a few rare recipes. Mining is great because not only can you fuel your JC but you can gather the materials for a blacksmith to craft you armor/weapons and wow gold. My brother is a Blacksmith/enchanter so I will help him level his Blacksmithing in exchange for enchants and gear. Palladins rely so much on their stats that I belive JC is the way to go to squeeze all that extra strength/intell/SP etc

Herb/alchemy the potions and elixirs made my leveling go by faster and when I hit lv70 i crafted the epic trinkets and they were invaluable to my tank/dps/healing builds which i respecced often to learn different play styles. I also started transmuting meta-gems(120-200g) and selling on AH. If you chose Elixir spec it is a great way to make gold and supply yourself with flasks for raiding. This combo is the easiest and enjoyable to level up. Its great starter profession that everyone can use, but, healers benefit from it the most imo. ( I have to admit I became addicted to Mad Alchemist potions /cry)

Start with blacksmithing. Skill up your smithing and slap together one of the 2h weapons. with the ease of getting vortexes, it’s simple. the stormherald is great, as is the lionheart.

Engineering gives you one of the best helms for each spec early into your leveling (can even be gotten at level 62 with the change to Primal Nethers), Frost Grenades (godlike for BGs/World PvP – /qq about being unusable in arena), some pretty nice trinkets (+45 stam one for tanking + interesting side effects) and easy money farming device (Zapthrottle Mote Extractor).

As you can see from this article,mining,herblism,archemy ,blackmithing and engineering are good dual profession for pally 4.3. If you’d like to know more information about wow guide or buy safe news, you can click the link .

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