Gigabyte GA-MA780GM-S2H

It is a relief to determine a brand new AMD product that’s bang on the right track. We speak, obviously, from the 780G chipset. It truly is the killer home cinema solution that we have been awaiting.

The very best bits would be the UVD video decode engine and also the comprehensive variety of video results. The previous guarantees that CPU load remains around 50 percent, when decoding a complete 1080p AVC stream. And that is having a 2.5GHz dual-core Athlon 64 nick. Include High-definition multimedia interface, DVI ports and HDCP and you’ve got the very first integrated solution that provides around the HD home cinema concept.

The truth that it’s very inexpensive within this form is indeed a bonus. Indeed, it’s most likely easy to develop a full Blu-ray-capable media PC by using this board like a base for less than $450. Incredible, really.

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