Gibellina, a wide open-air museum

Outdoors-air museum in Gibellina combines the artistic and cultural heritage and also the natural setting right into a unified whole.

Gibellina that was completely reconstructed following a earthquake of ’68, is becoming a wide open air Museum. The landscape is dotted with sculptures and architecture by artists who led towards the renovation, also giving their activly works to Social Museum of recent Art. That old center is today almost entirely covered within the cement from the impressive Cretto by Burri. In summer time, the -Orestiadi- proposes a wealthy calendar of cultural occasions.

The exclusive Fondazione Orestiadi has, since 1991, recognized cultural occasions of worldwide importance and organises the Orestiadi, a yearly prose, music and art review, which mostly happens among the ruins from the ancient square of Gibellina. From December to April within the Auditorium from the Social Museum the review Gibellina d’inverno – Gibellina in the winter months happens with theatre and music productions while Cinema sotto le stelle – Cinema underneath the stars, and Gibellina etnojazz – ethnojazz, animate the summer time nights.

bellina nuova may be the greatest contemporary, outside thing of beauty, by having an remarkable assortment of functions by great artists like Carla Accardi, Nino Mustica, Mimmo Rotella, and Andrea Cascella. The frontal sculpture P Oedipus Rex, Citta di Tebe, stage element for that performance of Edipo re – Oedipus the king symbolized within the ruins of Gibellina, is as simple as Pietro Consagra who also realized Tris, the gates from the graveyard and also the Botanic Garden. For that -Orestiadi-, Arnaldo Pomodoro also designed numerous scenic pieces of art including l’Aratro – the Plough for -La tragedia di Didone- – -Dido – Full of Carthage-. Fausto Melotti produced the sculptures on the massive titled Contrappunto – Counterpoint, and Sequenze – Sequences Paolo Schiavocampo produced the audience of sculptures Una piazza per Gibellina – A square for Gibellina, The Fontana – Fountain is as simple as Andrea Cascella. Turi Simeti having a slab of travertine, Impronta – Imprint (1979), brings about a pause within the space while Salvatore Messina with Tensioni – Tensions provides it with dynamicity.

Gibellina Nuova, a kind of town-garden, seen previously mentioned is reminiscent of a big butterfly laying across the strip of nearby freeway. In the primary road which results in Santa Ninfa, the countryside offers eco-friendly flatlands, large valleys and thriving woodlands like this of Mount Finestrelle. Along the side of the mountain which Gibellina Vecchia rose there’s il Cretto by Burri, a piece of environment art which, just like a whitened shroud, covers the ruins.

Natural landscape goes to terrains of the chalky character and includes Mount Finestrelle, a higher ground which belongs to a higher plain, covering a significant large area. Around the chalky outcrops, strips of Mediterranean scrub survive, as well as in the valleys there’s a thriving riparian plant life. The fauna includes the Sicilian shrew, one of the wild birds there’s the little kestrel, characteristic for that position a spirito santo – such as the holy spirit – it assumes throughout hunting.

Like Shahrazd in “It from the 1000 Nights and somethingInch, this village being an endless narrator who are able to enchant vacationers desiring feelings, colours, flavours, and landscapes curious vacationers searching for tales and particulars, who’re wanting to trace their very own path becoming lost within the textures – not just the urbanistic ones – from the labyrinths of these a village.

Gibellina is a superb narrator it’s a chest of feelings and reminiscences that are still hidden under Burri’s Cretto. It hides and supports the mistery and memory from the earthquake it’s a pot filled with miracles of recent art using its museums and Mario Schifano’s unique works of art it’s an always active workshop where Pietro Consagra, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Carla Accardi and numerous famous artists make hear their voices.

If you wish to spend here your art holiday, you are able to sleep within the fabulous rooms from the “Mille e una notte” B&B. Go to the web site to take a look in the Arabian Nightesque rooms: Sofia, Shaharazad, Assad, and so forth… The rooms are named following the names from the figures within the Book from the 1000 Nights and something. They’re large and fully outfitted with modern handicraft furniture and therefore are supplied with: private bathroom with shower hair dryer individually controlled ac TV internet wi-fi compatability The visitors will have the ability to have a solarium, a little library along with a large relaxing room with TV. Breakfast is going to be offered within the beautiful room from the wine and lounge bar “Candelas”. Don’t miss the actual flavour of Gibellina art, food and culture!

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