Gemalto Crosses 25 Million Mark in e-License Delivery to India

Gemalto, a number one intrenational brand in digital security, has introduced time of e-Driver licenses and Vehicle Registration Certificates (VRC) the organization has shipped to India just entered the objective of 25 million. These Sealys secure e-documents are now being supplied by Gemalto to multiple Indian states since 2003.

The Sealys wise cards mix using the automation of economic processes at decentralized regional transport offices and condition level transport registers. This allows the federal government to consolidate driver and vehicle registration information inside a central database.

A microprocessor in secure e-documents helps keep driver or vehicle’s data with increased security. e-License allows on-the-fly verification of driving qualifications by government bodies and prevents id theft. VRC consists of legal data concerning the vehicle. The wise card technology likewise helps the federal government handle interstate vehicle movement.

-This milestone reaffirms Gemalto’s resolve for India, our local expertise and quality level and repair within the domain of secure documents,- stated Ng Fook Seng, Asia Senior Vice-Leader from the Security Business Unit at Gemalto. -We anticipate advancing this long-term regards to provide secure e-documents its India’s motorists and vehicle proprietors.-

e-License and VRCs make use of the Wise Card Operating-system for Transport Programs (SCOSTA) standard.

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