Gas-liquid mixture Efficient hybrid contact tower technical presentations – gas-liquid mixture, m

Now almost perfect mixture of programs for that Coca-Cola Worldwide, Master Kong Broadly adopted by large beverage companies. Ozone equipment within the same situation, to ensure that mixing efficiency greatly enhanced.

1, Includes A. Absorption edge suction side, Pump Pressure inside the mixing tower, micro bubbles 20-30 micron. .

B. High quality gas-liquid dissolving, stable, simple to operate, simple to maintain. C. Flotation device can switch the pressure pump, air compressor, jet products, oygenation mixing tower, gas-water mixer and also the discharge of top class, can overcome the Operational instability and enormous bubbles churn problems.

D. Preparation of ozone water device can replace both water and gas mixing pump, regular single-jet device, a sizable oxidation tower, gas-liquid dissolving efficiency above 90%, greater compared to text-type mixer 2-3 occasions greater efficiency, considerably reduce equipment investment and running cost.

F, combined with traditional oygenation tower, in comparison to a minimum of 80%, equal to normal oygenation mixing tower height of 10-20 meters.

Second, make use of a. Dissolved air flotation processing equipment (various flotation products) B. Preparation of ozone water equipment (sterilization fresh pure h2o, Sewage Odor reduction bleaching COD, BOD, etc.)

C. Preparation of oxygen-wealthy water equipment (oxygen water, intensive farming was most likely the hydroponic cultivation, etc.) can perform liquid nitrogen, along with other mixed function Preparation water

D. Biochemical Oygenation equipment (Pure water, domestic sewage, various industrial waste). Three structures: 1, efficient hybrid contact tower: diameter 800mm, height 2500mm, stainless thickness 2.5mm, 304 stainless, highly efficient hybrid connection with tower structure diagram isn’t attracted. Inside the wire inlet and outlet size DN50 or DN75, Auto Exhaust valve Population size inside the wire half inch (4 points).

2, filled with efficient hybrid contact tower, air and water jet mixer, anti backwater, automatic exhaust valve. See add-ons column.

3, stainless pressure pump for that 750W (self-purchase products), as proven within the figure the bond pipe routing client in the distribution water piping recommended DN25, ozone pipe with half inch (4 points) , pipe material suggested to utilize a good hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) or stainless (304).

Four areas of a column: A, I approached the organization to supply efficient mixing tower and add-ons:

1, the primary tower 1 — 800mm * 2500mm * 2.5mm, 304 stainless. 2, automatic exhaust valve 1 —- DN16 (4 points). 3,2 hrs outdoors of stainless teeth Through 2, 2 points inside the tooth bending stainless and also the tower via a pressure indicator 1.

4, stainless tube a backwater prevention, export size —- DN16 (4 points). Stainless sub-word

5,2 Ball And A Pair Of points outdoors your tooth via a lengthy stainless 1. 6, SSLW-2T air and water mixing chamber a pressure. B, the next add-ons for that customer-possessed: 1, connect hard PVC pipe (PVC-U) or stainless (304). 2, stainless pressure pump for that 750W. 3, column pressure Control Valve —– DN50, made from hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) or stainless (304).

V. Note: (1), automatic exhaust valve pressure: .1mpa ~ .2mpa exhaust.

(2), tank pressure shall not exceed .3mpa, over the needed working pressure relief valve .3mpa.

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