G-Scan USA is really a company devoted to supplying an entire automotive scan tool package that does not only includes top quality equipment but additionally an entire customer support package.

Aftermarket scan tools abound, good quality some not too good, some high listed, some inexpensive. Some scan tools promise the planet but actually, neglect to deliver! G-Scan Oceania thinks we have a scan tool that’s very good quality, is economical and provides around the promises. Would you like a scan tool that’s innovative in design, includes advanced enhanced software, works to close OEM standards and it is well listed? G-Scan … Yes! … G-Scan … a car scan tool that’s the scanner that each workshop, specialist, car dealership, Taft college, mining company,government department, local council … actually any automotive facility needing a scan tool purchase will need to buy and operate. USA recognizes the necessity … and … G-Scan may be the answer!

The Growing Years: Cautious of automotive trends including design, design complexity and the opportunity to service these trends brought Oceania to build up a company

relationship with three reliable and revered business market leaders: Inter Support (Inches) : A Japanese company using more than ten years experience of scan tool development including in-depth scan tool functionality and extensive vehicle systems coverage for those Japanese automobiles. Global It (GIT) : A Korean company delivering OEM scan oral appliance vehicle set up line inspection systems to Hyundai and KIA. Its aftermarket solution reflecting near OEM performance for Hyundai and KIA and near OEM functionality for other Korean marques.

COMPANY Title – GSCAN USA Telephone: 646-524-3760

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