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Karamay Petrochemical Company developed atmosphere-friendly rubber oil, will enable China towards the EU this season offered a vehicle tire “unimpeded.”

By The month of january 25, the earth’s biggest rubber naphthenic oil producers – g petrochemical company has shipped a lot more than 2000 tons eco-friendly rubber oil. Formerly, they created 8,000 a lot of eco-friendly rubber oil, has began delivery of seaside rubber producers use. This atmosphere-friendly rubber-made oil prices, no more than half the cost of imported items.ts.

three years ago, a business in Taiwan towards the grams of petrochemical companies, can offer environment-type tire rubber oil, to make sure that their items arrived to effect within the EU 2005/69/EC Zhi Ling, you can keep to go in the EU market.

European researchers discovered that substances removed from oil tire rubber oil, consists of eight types of cancer causing carcinogens. That contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons within this oil produced from rubber tires, due to friction using the road, keep pollutants of cancer causing substances, which cause environment pollution, and eventually harm human health. The EU directive 2005/69/EC released accordingly: from The month of january 1, 2010, the accessibility EU market tires, not use toxic aromatic rubber oil production, need to use eco-friendly tire rubber oil.

G petrochemical refining research institute immediately. Scientific and technical personnel in the existing literature that, on the planet mainly in Germany and Japan in producing eco-friendly rubber oil, the 2 nations by solvent extraction-based process, the dangerous polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to split up the oil in the rubber retain less harmless polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. However this process doesn’t remove hazardous substances in the roots, the development process is not eco-friendly.

Can using chemical techniques to dangerous substances into harmless substances? Not just less dangerous polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons reserves, without departing dangerous polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons?

After 2 yrs of exploration scientists discovered that hydrogenation process using techniques dangerous aromatic hydrocarbons could be reduced to harmless levels while retaining the non-toxic aromatic hydrocarbons. Hot temperature and pressure from the hydrogenation process could be sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen along with other dangerous substances all heterocyclic into harmless substances.

Take action, the researchers after many experiments and trial production, and lastly overcome the technical difficulties. Early this past year, beating the petrochemical company delivered to trial eco-friendly rubber oil inspection agencies in Germany, a professional testing, approval has censorship 3.

“Following the continuous improvement of technology, towards the third batch of items happen to be detected through the German side.” Ke, deputy chief engineer Yang Jianxiang petrochemical company, stated: “This shows our production technologies are mature.”

G Petrochemical Company commissioned the appropriate agencies, on environment protection Hydrogenation of atmosphere-friendly tire rubber oil-related conditions, for novelty both at home and abroad, it makes sense “no and ‘environmentally friendly Hydrogenation of atmosphere-friendly tire rubber oil’ the literature. ”

Yang Jianxiang stated: “Using eco-friendly hydrogen-scale manufacture of atmosphere-friendly rubber process oil, grams of 100% of petrochemical companies have ip privileges, it’s our Copenhagen meeting for China to understand the contribution of emission reduction obligations.”

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