G new overlord, Bingo B600 wireless headset review

Using the matures of two.4G wireless technology, wireless technologies are increasingly more programs to more larger fields, for example wireless loudspeakers, wireless earphones, the final 2 yrs are endless. Bingo has released a number of qualities from the wireless headset product B-950W, B-610-W, etc., and to be able to better meet consumer needs and solve life’s problems and transporting comfort, the most recent build of the bingo cost from the hundred approximately from the wireless headset items – Bingo B600, what type of wireless earphones style it’ll provide the market? Brilliance of Bingo B600 wireless headset >

Danish brand bingo master the core technology of two.4G wireless context, the development of a variety of wireless items are popular concern, a brand new bingo B600 wireless programs numerous technology, including 2.4Ghz wireless, hidden headset , 8 hrs existence and 30 m lengthy distance transmission. For that latest bingo B600 wireless headset offer, in accordance with the cost of 99 yuan Bingo B-610-W didn’t improve much, 118 yuan offer mixing these functions will unquestionably bingo B600 wireless headset could be rapidly walk into the recognition of entry-level wireless headset market. Outside of bingo B600 wireless headset

In the packaging side, bingo B600 still continues atmospheric wind, use dark blue as primary color, it’s highly technological sense. Packaging looks quite simple, very few extra things, we are able to glance with the packaging B600 headset is most likely the face area, the microphone is very conspicuous short. Bingo B600 having a fantastic round appearance, adding a layered frame design, the particulars of very dynamic, very pleasant. Black and whitened color has two different designs, B600 non-minimalist black and whitened colors express bingo around the functionality and ease of attainments. Here, the exam product we received may be the black portion of the bingo B600, consists of very calm and classic style. The style of bingo B600’s battery

Within the supply side, bingo B600 use built-in lithium battery design, having a Small USB port for charging, the state stated that B600 can function 8 hrs. USB wireless transmitter is powered directly through the computer, for example energy supply, common by 50 percent.4G wireless products, but additionally elderly solution. And B600 headset because of the energy-saving design, after ten minutes even without the the signal will instantly energy off. Review of bingo B600 wireless headset

Overall, bingo B600 wireless headset includes a built-in lithium battery from the natural advantages, getting rid of the requirement for AAA batteries bought individually the price and trouble. Meanwhile, hidden headset, convenient design helps make the secrets to adjust to larger B600. Its seem quality, 118 yuan cost from it worth note, for music to hear lyrical slow tunes. Therefore, the integrated its cost, features and seem quality, we feel that bingo is really a B600 for performance – the best balance of cost good product.

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