G Loomis Warranties – The NRX and GL2 Wildcard

G Loomis challenged the competition using the warranty around the NRX kind of rods. These rods were promoted in the Icast 2010 Trade Event which required Better of Show and also the Freshwater Fishing rod Champion game titles. But there was another factor that required the marketplace suddenly. G Loomis was now offering up a “wildcard” extended warranty for that rods. The Wildcard warranty is only a one time, hassle-free, alternative from the fishing rod free of charge, regarding a breakage. And yet, you can get the fishing rod changed over-the-counter at any official G Loomis Dealer. Each one of these rods nonetheless have a limited lifetime warranty on materials and defects, if you create a fishing rod that breaks under typical fishing conditions, and is not roughed up, don’t use your wild card. Keep your wild card for just about any event that’s not protected inside the warranty as with slamming it together with your vehicle or truck door.

Ways to Sign up for the Wildcard Warranty

When you purchase your fishing rod, you can find a product registration form with the G loomis site or download it the following. When you complete the shape and fasten a replica together with your receipt (it’s a necessity) , you’ll mail your document and purchasers receipt to:

Shimano American Corp. Att: Wild Card Registration One Holland Irvine, CA 92618

G Loomis should email an outrageous card you’ll provide your dealer in the event whenever you break your fishing rod. The merchant will require your damaged fishing rod and wildcard and exchange it for the brand-new fishing rod. You’re only permitted to alter it using the exact model that you simply destroyed, until both you and your dealer can mutually choose an exchange having a completely different fishing rod.

G Loomis provides the Wild Card inside the GL2 series

The lately revealed G Loomis GL2 series remains safe and secure using the wild card too. This can be good news along with a wonderful deal of these GL2 rods that’ll be listed around $200. NRX fishing rods on the other hand are listed between $450 to $500 if you break certainly one of individuals, you wish to make certain you have went through measures to acquire your wild card.

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