G.711 Vocoder

Toronto, Canada – GAO Research Corporation. (world wide web.GAOResearch.com) is providing its G.711 Vocoder for telephone systems. It possesses a compression /decompression (companding) formula to provide precision transmissions of encoded speech signals tried in the rate of 8 kHz in conformance using the ITU-T G.711 standard. This G.711 vocoder works at 64 killerbytes per second. It offers independent user-callable functions that perform all the -law along with a-law encoding and decoding procedures. It uses pulse code modulation (PCM) to compress, decompress, scribe, and decode analog speech, which could then be sent and received as binary data. Two types of companding standards, the -law and also the A-law, are specified. G.711 -law compresses frames of 14-bit linear PCM samples into frames of 8-bit logarithmic PCM code words and G.711 A-law compresses 13-bit linear PCM samples into 8-bit logarithmic PCM code words. This G.711 vocoder goes to GAO’s group of Speech Vocoders. This type of items includes G.729, G.729A and G.729AB Speech Vocoder which is fantastic for visual telephony, wireless communications, and digital satellite communication systems, G.726 Vocoder which is often used in several programs for example speech transmission over digital systems, interactive video, multimedia, and ISDN communications, G.722 Vocoder and GSM-AMR (AMR-NB) Vocoder which is often used mainly in third generation mobile telephony products to compress toll-quality speech at 8000 samples/second. About GAO Research Corporation. GAO Research Corporation. (world wide web.GAOResearch.com) is really a recognized worldwide leading provider of communications software to telecom and electronics companies and offers probably the most comprehensive and different suite of modem, fax, telephony, speech software, Voice over internet protocol, FoIP, fax relay and fax/modem/voice relay software for embedded programs for DSP and microprocessors.

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