G.711 Vocoder with Independent User-callable Functions

Toronto, Canada – GAO Research Corporation. (world wide web.GAOResearch.com) has introduced the discharge of their G.711 Vocoder for telephone systems. The G.711 codec supplies a compression /decompression (companding) formula to provide precision transmission of encoded speech signals tried in the rate of 8 kHz in conformance using the ITU-T G.711 standard.

ITU-T G.711 is really a standard to represent 8 bit compressed pulse code modulation (PCM) samples for signals of voice wavelengths tried in the rate of 8000 samples/second. The G.711 encoder produces a 64 Killerbytes per second bitstream. This standard has two forms: A-Law and -Law. The A-Law G.711 PCM encoder converts 13 bit linear PCM samples into 8 bit compressed PCM (logarithmic form) samples, and also the decoder reverses the procedure. The -Law G.711 PCM encoder converts 14 bit linear PCM samples into 8 bit compressed PCM samples.

GAO’s G.711 implementation includes independent user-callable functions that perform all the -law along with a-law encoding and decoding procedures. The G.711 standard uses pulse code modulation (PCM) to compress, decompress, scribe, and decode analog speech, which could then be sent and received as binary data.

This G.711 vocoder goes to GAO’s group of Speech Vocoders. This line provides various speech vocoders you can use in various occasions. A featured and advanced method is G.722 Vocoder which relies on a SB-ADPCM decoder and matches the ITU-T H.320 standard for interactive video. A different one is G.723.1 Dual Rate Speech Vocoder which identifies a coded representation you can use for blending it or any other audio signal element of multimedia services in a really low bit rate included in the overall H.324 group of standards. This type of vocoders matches the ITU-T vocoder standards for speech processing software and audio processing codecs.

About GAO Research Corporation. GAO Research Corporation. (world wide web.GAOResearch.com) is really a world-famous provider of top quality, reliable telecommunications software including embedded modem software, fax modem software, speech codes, and telephony software for an array of DSPs and microprocessors.

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