Fyi Elie Wiesel Iran Will not Be Defeated By Atheists

Although To be sure totally with Elie Wiesel on , I understand the Not would prefer to expel the British-Israelites and Jews using their accursed body. We ought to leave by ourselves accord and then leave them to their personal products — elsewhere. However, I have to question how an ATHEIST could be famous as “among the world’s leading moral voices”? And also, since Elie Wiesel foolishly declines the presence of our Great Creator God, and also the divine inspiration from the Torah, in what standard does he dare judge others? And just how can he being an ATHEIST, wandering within the backwoods with other people lost within the chaos and confusion of the spiritual anarchy (each marketing their idolatrous ideas as well as their Hellenist ideas as what you want), claim one religion or ideology is “good” or “evil”? (Isaiah 55:7-9). Through the consent from the majority? Is not that what Nazi Germany did?

If Hellenist (at best) Jews like Elie Wiesel would struggle within themselves and are available to understand greater facts like our father Jacob-Israel did and embrace thought, then God will make us sufficiently strong to place and our opponents within their place, acquiring our place one of the nations from the position of strength and never personal or national weakness as evinced through the defeatist, corrupt-to-the-core or individuals traitors who won’t safeguard our edges within the U . s . States, also selling to

Things are Expected Outcomes. It’s due to personal and national sins the nations are stirred up just like a hornet’s nest against us (Daniel 9:11). Whenever we return to our proper place and relationship with God (Malachi 4:4), He’ll place the anxiety about God and klal Yisrael (collective Israel/) in to the heart in our opponents and bring them away like a lot chaff in the Otherwise, when we neglect to use Him and select existence, divine punishment requires the nations cause us to suffer destruction, defeat and deportation / removal. It’s us or them. Basically.

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