Funny wedding speeches – Cool tips for funny wedding speeches for you!

Funny wedding speeches

If there is one thing that may easily become memorable at a wedding it is a wedding speech joke. But be very, very careful, because the wrong form of humor at a wedding can instantly become a nightmare. For those that are set on telling a great joke in a wedding, among the safest approaches to do is to consider a look at existing weddings speeches. Easier to take hints from what other people have previously done.

Funny wedding speeches

Funny wedding speeches #1

First things first, you should prepare and you must memorise every one of the wedding jokes you are likely to say. Doing so will help to avoid any awkward silences, but by all means possess a cue card there just in case. It will give you peace of mind, but don’t constantly stare down at it, it is important to maintain eye contact with the audience. understand that this is your friend’s wedding day. Although you would like the speech to be funny, you don’t want to lead him to feel bad by bringing an awkward story up that may upset anyone, or talking about ex loves. Additionally you must remember that elderly relatives is going to be there listening, so keep things clean!


Funny wedding speeches #2

The delivery on the jokes is important, so you shouldn’t be afraid to work with this methods like facial expressions, or changes in the tone of your voice to make sure the jokes are as funny as they possibly can. You may also get a few friends to training on and provide you some tips to get things excellent.


Funny wedding speeches #3

Your jokes should tie into a central message. Meaning that all of your “funny wedding speeches” must not be all about jokes, but your jokes really should be all about your speech. All I mean by this is your speech needs to have a central message or purpose, as well as your jokes should compliment this. Using a theme (such as changes in the bride and groom, past memories that inspired your life, as well as how you will setup a new life with your spouse) will allow you to move your speech along.

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Lastly, funny wedding speech jokes are all fine and dandy, but they are not to be end of your speech. Ultimately, your speech has to congratulate the wedding couple and desire them a lifetime of enjoyment together. Keep the jokes clean, don’t be afraid to show emotion, and keep the speech short and you should do fine!

Funny wedding speeches



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