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???health spa??ste ?a ?????ste?te e t?? f?t???af? sa?. ??as?erectile dysfunction?ste ?a? afe?e?te a?? t??. ???? ???ete ?t? ?? f?t???af?e? sta ??f??? pe???d??? ?a? sta pe???d??? ?da?, p? s?a????? t??a?a ?a? ap? ??e? t???. ?????aat????ta? ?a??, p??et??????ta?, ?a? ? f?t???af?a p?? te???a ??pete st? pe???d??? air????t??e p??a??? ap? e?at??t?p? pa????e?. ?s? pe??ss?te?? ????? ??p?ete e t?? f?t???af? sa?, t?s? p??a??te?? e??a? ?t? ?a s????e? e?e??? t?? ?a, ?p????? st??? p?? s?a??e? ??? ?a f???.

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?? p?????? air???, ???? sta a??ste??, ??? p?s?, sta?e?te st? ??a p?d?, -.. ????. ?p???sd?p?te f?t???af?? p?? a???e?, p??pe? ?a e??a? se ??s? ?a sa? ??se? se ?a ???? ?a? e???st??? p??a. ???ete t? ???? ??a ??e? a?t?? t?? pe??e??e? ?d???e?? ?e t?? a????s? t?? p???????? sa?, e?a?e?feta? ???e pe??pt?s? ef???s?? -d?p??? p????????-. ?? ???t?a t?? a?????? sa? a???? ap? t? s?a sa?, e???e? t? p??t?? t?? ????? sa? ?a? t????e? t? st????. ? etat?p?s? t?? ????? sa? st? p?s? p?d? sa?, sa? p??sd?p? se???a????t?ta ?a? t????e? t?? ?ap??e? sa?. ?p?????? p???? ???p???a p?? ? f?t????f?? sa? p??e? ?a sa? p??e?. ?p??? a???ste t?? ?a? ?a a?tae?f?e?te ap? t? ap?t??esa.


??ste st?? t? f?t????f? sa? ta e?e??sata p?? p??pe?, ??a ?a e??a? d??????????. ??? p??t?????a, t?? a???d?s?, ta ?a?a????a e ta ????a ?a? ???f?ta ?a? ?t? ???? ? f?t???af?? p??e? ?a ???s??p???se? st?? f?t???af?e? sa?. ?a?? ?a e??a? ?a ta ??ete ???fa t?p??et???a st? sp?t? ?ta? ?a ???e? ?a ?a???e? t?? p??et??as?a sa?. ?? ?e??ste ?a ??ete ??a p??s???t???? t?? ???? sa?. ?? f?t???af?e? ap? t?? ??e? sa? e ta ??????d?a, t? p???a???? e t? ???a sa? ?a? ta pap??ts?a e t?? ?a?ts?d?ta sa?, p????? p?a?at??? ?a p??s??s??? ???f? a?s??s? st? album sa?.


??? pa?a??? t?? e????? ???a?, f???t?ste ?a p?e?te p??? ?e?? ??a ?a e?ste e??dat???e? ?ts? ?ste t? d??a sa? ?a p???e? f??s?? ?a? ?e????ast?. G?????? ?t? p????? ap? es?? ??ete ?d?a?te?? ????? ?a? a????a t?? p??????e?? ??a t?? ???? sa? ?a? sa? apas?????? ???e e?d??? ?ept???e?e?, a??? p? ?p???e? t?p?ta ?a??te?? ap? ??a? ?a?? ?s??? ?p?? p??? t?? ??a t?? ???? sa?. ????e?ta? ?a e??a? ?a a???? (?a? ?a??s?a) ???a ?a? ?a ?e??sete ?a ??ete ?f???? e????e?a ??a ?a p???sete ?a t?? ap??a?sete ???? t? te?e?ta?? ?ept?!

Be You!!

?a ?? e?ste f??s??e? ?ta? e??a? ???? sa? f?t???af??e? ??a?e?, ?a ?e??te, ?a ???ete ?????tse? ?a? ?a e?ste a?????te?. ?? ??e? ?a e??a? ???te?t???? ?ta? p????? ?a s??????? ?? f?t???af???? ??a??? a? t? ?a?? ?a? t?? s??????se?? sa?. ???te t?? e????e? sa? ?a ape?????s??? t?? p?a?at???t?ta F?te, f?te, f?te!! ??e?te, p?e?te, p?e?te!! (?e?? & ????? & ???? a?????) p? p??e?te ?a p??ete ?a??? f?t???af?e? e?? e?ste pe??as???? ? e?a?t?????? ?a? p? ?a p???sete ?a d?as?erectile dysfunction?sete t?? d??? sa? ???a.


? air????? t?? DJ ?s?? e??a? ?a ap? t?? s?a?t???te?e? air?????? p?? ?a ??f? p??e? ?a ???e?. ??? p? ?a??? e?? e??a? st?? e?t??e?a s?erectile dysfunction?as????, ?a ?ata?????? se p???? ap?t???a ???? t?? DJ. ?ea???e?te ?t? ? DJ p?? air????ete, e??a? ?????p?? s??e????s??? ?a? d?ste t?? ?a ?ata??e? air?a????? t?? air????e? sa? ??a t?? ???ta t?? ?a?? sa?. ???a? p??? s????e? t?? ??a t?? party ?a ?a??d??eta? ? DJ sa?, ap? air????e? ?a? ‘pa?a??e????’ f???? & s???e??? ?p?te ?a?? ?a e??a? ?a t?? ??ete ?e?a?a??se? ap? t?? a???, ap? p?s??? ?a? ?????? ap? p?????, ?a d??ete epe?se?? sta ?sa ose?? ??ete ?d? s?f???se? e? t?? p??t????.

Tips & Methods

?????? ??further ed? p??sf????? f?t???af??e? ??a?e? ?a? ???s?? ?at? t? d????e?a t?? p???s??. ????e pa?at???se? ??? se p?????? ?a??? p?? ?? ?a?es???? t???, t?? ?pa???a? a?? t??? st? sp?t? further ed????ta?. ??a ?a?? ?d?a e??a? ?a ??ete t?p??et?se? ??a e???? ?????? ?a???? d???? st?? ???d? p?? af?? af?s??? t?? ??a?? ?a? ???s??, ?a p????? ?a s?e??s??? t? email ? t? ???a t??? ??a ?a t??? ste??ete t?? f?t???af?e? p?? t????a? ??a es?? st?? ?a? sa?.

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