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Question:1 You administer a SQL Server 2008 instance. You intend to deploy a brand new database which has the next capacity needs: 275 GB for that database computer file 50 GB for that transaction log file The storage array has six 100-GB hard drives readily available for the database. The disks are affixed to a redundant variety of independent disks (RAID) controller that supports RAID levels , 1, 5, and 10. The write performance from the transaction log must be at the maximum. The database and transaction log files should be protected in case of a drive failure. You have to design the storage system. Which storage configuration the use of? A. Just one RAID 5 volume B. Just one RAID 10 volume C. A RAID volume along with a RAID 5 volume D. A RAID 1 volume along with a RAID 5 volume Answer: )

Question:2 You administer a SQL Server 2008 instance. The instance is situated on the four-processor, quad-core server. The server frequently encounters CPU pressure. The instance consists of a really large mission-critical database that’s used continuously. You have to make sure that online index renews don’t consume all available CPU cycles. Which configuration option the use of? A. affinity mask B. affinity I/O mask C. max amount of parallelism D. optimize for random workloads Answer: C

Question:3 You administer a SQL Server 2008 infrastructure. A case operates on a pc which has eight quad-core processors and 128-GB RAM. Four different programs make use of the instance. The instance encounters a minimal quantity of CXPACKET waits. The instance also encounters a lot of lazy author waits. You have to optimize the performance from the instance. What in the event you do? A. Configure the Resource Governor. B. Configure the Home windows System Resource Manager. C. Configure software non-uniform memory access (soft-NUMA). D. Configure a rise in the utmost amount of parallelism option. Answer: C

Home windows Server 2008 Active Directory. Setting up TS: Home windows Server 2008 Programs Infrastructure, Setting up

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