Forget about Reasonings

Did you ever hear people say, -You should not question God?- I have heard that my existence. You might be thinking God to become free of debt however when it does not happen how you planned, doubt takes hold. Then, all your persistence is out your window, and also you start to wonder if God’s Word is actually true. This devilish kind of questioning is known as -reasoning-, which is born from the flesh. The flesh is -a mindset or a method of believing that opposes the term of God.- It always works through reasoning or through questioning that arrives of the heart of unbelief. It isn’t a sin to request God the best question it’s when you start to question God’s goodness and talent that you will get into trouble. James 1:5 instructs us to ask God whenever we need knowledge. A good example of this is where the angel Gabriel told Mary that they would conceive which her boy would save people using their sins. Mary requested, -How shall this be since I have never been having a guy?- (Luke 1:34.) She’d the best question. However, should you request, -If you’re this type of effective and mighty God, why shall we be held still indebted?- or -Why shall we be held still sick, I figured You had been the Healbot?,- you’re asking them questions from reasoning. The above mentioned questions don’t solicit God for knowledge rather they challenge Him to have an explanation or justification. Should you question God by doing this, you’ve developed exactly what the Bible calls -an evil heart of unbelief- (Hebrews 3:12). You are really searching for grounds to not believe God. Doubt has become a foothold in your thoughts because you have let what you could see, hear and feel lead you to question the reality of God’s Word. You show your true feelings whenever you say such things as, -Why shall we be held dealing with this?- or -I do not deserve to undergo this. I sowed a seed on Sunday.- You’re accusing God for which is going on inside your existence. Should you still talk by doing this, you’ll eventually sever your belief connection altogether. You need to stop hearing the stack of bills that constantly say, -I am growing everyday.- Rather, tune in to the Word that states wealth and riches will be within your house (Psalm 112:3). Rather than questioning the authenticity of God’s Word, take authority over your circumstances and claim what’s rightfully yours! Walking within the Spirit is exactly what defeats the flesh so do not let your current conditions to maneuver you from the promises of God. Keep the thinking using the Word and stake your claim that they can the wealth and healing that belongs for you. Get ready the mind that no-one can succeed, heal and deliver you want El Elyon. He is easily the most High God, and that he only has good stuff available for you personally. Request God for knowledge for the specific situation, after which praise Him for that answer. Decide to face around the Word, and do not move from it before you receive what you’re meaning!

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