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The Mohammed bin Naif Center for Counseling and Care, where Jharispoke lately to some US media delegation, belongs to Saudi Arabia’scarrot-and-stick method of tackle both threat of domesticterrorism and also the spread of violent Islamist ideology abroad. Ofthe 19 9/11 hijackers, 15 were Saudis. Now, weight loss than 5,500 Saudis arrested on accusations of terroristinvolvement are earning their way with the country’s courts, thegovernment is moving to spread out five more deradicalization facilities.Designed as midway houses, the centers shouldInchreeducate” ex-jihadis to assist them to observe that their formerways are sporadic with Islam. The approach is remarkably effective, based on Saudiofficials, who state that only 3 % from the program’s more than850 graduates have came back to violent extremism. Foreignresearchers, however, say most of the “graduates” werefar from hard-core rather than charged associated with a crime.

But it is also costly. Saudi authorities rejected to disclosecosts. But a lot more than 300 employees work here, with 200 allegedmilitants within their care. They like buffet foods, classes ineverything from Islam and history to art therapy, and variousfinancial incentives. Upon graduation, the males get a lump sumof 10,000 rials ($2,665) contributing to $700 monthly for that first sixmonths out. t.

RELATED: Are terrorists beyond redemption? The federal government helps the males secure employment, got married, making anew start. It is a solution Saudi Arabia seems wanting to promotefor an issue it assisted to produce, first by supplying a haven forexiled Arab Islamists within the sixties and ’70s, after which by providing itsultraconservative religious establishment wide latitude in thedecades that adopted. Jhari would be a student living abroad as he grew to become interestedin jihad. He saw footage from the Bosnian war and felt impelled tohelp fellow Muslims. He headed first to Chechnya , then Afghanistan.

“I had been thinking when I die, I’m going to be amartyr.” But on his jihadi travels, he found themself held in a existence hedidn’t deeply have confidence in. He felt he could not escape due to hispast violations of Saudi law. Once the US-brought war in Afghanistanbegan, he was taken in the quest for militants and becameprisoner No. 155 at Guant namo, in which the US recognized him as Khalid Sulaymanjaydh al-Hubayshi . He spent 3 years there and something more in Saudi jail beforeentering the middle.

He states he’s now transformed his look at jihad. “Jihad is really a positive thing in Islam,” he stated, but it is oftenmisinterpreted. “If a person fought against within my country and [takes]the house, I am likely to fight. This is exactly what we call jihad.

But when Igo with a place to help one group against another group,” thatwouldn’t be Islamic. A few of the receivers who finished the middle say theywere never involved with extremism, but they are nevertheless grateful fortheir time there. Juma al-Dossari spent 2001-07 in Guant namo after Saudi embassyofficials in Pakistan switched him to the People in america. He states he’d basically beenhelping having a humanitarian project in Kabul, Afghanistan , but didn’t have the correct documentation and fled to neighboringPakistan the federal government states he fought against in Afghanistan, Bosnia , and Chechnya and was present at Tora Bora.

Whatever his background, when Mr. Dossari showed up in the Saudirehabilitation center, he was at dire need physically and psychologically,he states. Once I came here, I had been broke, states Dossari, whoreceived mental health treatment now works in construction inthe eastern town of Dammam , where he lives together with his new wife and three youthful children, with afourth in route. I believe this center is greatly like mercyfrom God to all of us.

I discovered here a remedy to my wound. Christa Situation Bryant traveled to Saudi Arabia with an IRP Gatekeeper Editors triporganized through the Worldwide Confirming Project .

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