Flow versus Laser eye surgery FemtoLasik

Non-contact Flow and Laser eye surgery (Laser-Aided in Situ Keratomileusis) / FemtoLasik are different types of lasek techniques, that are utilized in eyesight correction. In these two techniques, the laser operation is carried out within the cornea. The cornea is formed using laser to be able to focus the sun rays of sunshine in to the correct position around the retina. The Laser eye surgery-method is easily the most classic eye surgery technique and contains been being used around the globe because the 1990’s. The non-contact Flow-method is applicable the most recent outcomes of scientific research and eye surgery techniques. Even the Laser eye surgery-method continues to be developed through the years – for instance the FemtoLasik-method, that is an developed form of Laser eye surgery. The only real distinction between both of these techniques is incorporated in the procedure prior to the laser skin treatment from the cornea – within the FemtoLasik-method the cornael surgical treatment is carried out with femtolaser rather than microkeratome.

Flow versus Laser eye surgery / FemtoLasik: Benefits

Each of the strategy are secure plus they guarantee excellent eyesight consequently. However, you will find advantages with both techniques. Laser eye surgery / FemtoLasik are techniques in which a small piece is taken away in the cornea prior to the operation. Following this the exactness of sight is enhanced by working the type of the cornea. The advantage of Laser eye surgery / FemtoLasik is the fact that eyesight will improve already throughout the very first next day of surgery. In addition, the benefits of LASIK’s emerge particularly in dim light and during the night since the occurrences from the halo effect and dispersion of sunshine are minor. Even the contrast of eyesight is much better when treated that way.

Within the Laser eye surgery / FemtoLasik-techniques a cut needs to be produced within the eye much more the non-contact Flow-method the entire operation is completed completely with laser with no cutting. By doing this the recovery from eye surgical treatment is softer and also the possible complications like drying out eyes, the redness from the eyes or injuries within the cornea are less probable. This process therefore guarantees a small risk. Considering KSA Silmkeskus’s experience as well as other research, the eyesight, the contrast of eyesight and also the sense of comfort be more effective lengthy-term (greater than a couple of several weeks) when given the non-contact Flow-technique rather than the Laser eye surgery / FemtoLasik-method.

Flow versus Laser eye surgery / FemtoLasik: With whom?

In KSA, we advise the Flow-technique pre-eminently to patients under age forty whereas the Laser eye surgery/FemtoLasik-strategy is suggested for patients over age forty. Each of the techniques are totally safe as well as their benefits vary individually. If you’ll be able to choose from the 2 remedies, the non-contact Flow-technique is mainly suggested.

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