Flour Decoration Kolam in Indian Culture

It’s a common sight in Hindu quarters of town and towns to locate youthful maidens in pretty costumes with cheerful faces engaged every day right after sunrise, in drawing designs known as Kolam in Hindu Tamil phraseology, on the ground before every single among the houses all across the street, scattering deftly pinches of the whitened powder.

Created all across the street on each side underneath the properly trained hands of Hindu maidens, they indeed present a sight at the same time unique and admirable to some foreigner anxious to understand the manners and customs of those of the nation of his sojourn nor could they be with no interest to 1 even when he be not really a foreigner if he’s but visually inclined.

Such artistic designs unquestionably signify the aesthetic taste from the Hindus. Using pulverized grain with the objective, besides a spiritual importance, features its own moral purpose for everyone- to wit kindness to inferior bugs. Again this lengthy standing custom provides the requisite learning free hands drawing towards the youthful maidens and therefore it’s also an educative value.These floor designs attracted daily, generally in the entrance of each and every Hindu house, contain various products and they’re also associated with the prevalent ideas concerning the evil eye. In India there’s a Tamil proverb which states, “If a person can hide yourself within small pad another can hide themself underneath the kolam”.

A few of the kolam designs are representations of chariots attracted by horses, tigers or bullocks. A couple of from the designs represent tanks with lotus buds and real and half blown lotuses floating within the water. You will find also designs representing individual creatures like cows, horses, bulls with horns, tigers with tusks and so forth. Wild birds such as the peacock, and servings of the structures with steps, will also be symbolized by a few of the designs created.Throughout ancient Hindu occasions, people used grain flour decorative to create the designs and therefore given myriads of bugs everyday which may otherwise enter into undesirable places in the home, and prove very difficult. To begin the process of each day using the sacrifice may be the Hindu motto. The other better mode of sacrifice might be recommended than this?

In Indian Hindu tradition it’s expected that each women must rise from her mattress each morning and also the first of all duty she needs to do would be to sweep the home entrance clean, sprinkle water to help keep lower the dust and decorate the area with kolam or artistic designs using pulverized grain. Getting carried out this, she goes indoors to wash and clean the flooring with fresh cow dung combined with water, embellishes all of them with kolam or designs created of grain flour. Regrettably, this practice has been adopted nowadays in very couple of houses satisfactorily in the manner that needs to be achieved.

Many traditional women in India finish their kolam business inside a couple of seconds while individuals in ancient days needed to spend hrs within this interesting occupation! To summarize, even while the gramophone has deprived the folks to some degree a minimum of from the real pleasure of hearing music, this technique of floor decoration adopted presently has also lost its original goal and pleasure produced from it.

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