Flags On the internet and Off

Stamp collecting is ok, however for a genuine a little colour, try flag collecting? As because of so many hobbies nowadays, the supply of flags online greatly increases the option available and also the satisfaction available in the hobby. Flag collecting is called -vexilophily’, literally -passion for flags’, in the Latin word -vexillum’, meaning military standard.

Flying the flag

Nowadays the main purpose of flags would be to function as national symbols. With 195 nations on the planet (more or less a few states whose independence is disputed), that’s lots of ad banners flying within the breeze. Federated states, like the individual states inside the US, frequently boast their very own flags too. Because the Latin -vexillum’ suggests, flags came from around the battleground. Easily visible standards in vibrant colours assisted commanders to coordinate their forces at the time of the noisy clash. Some national flags as you may know them today developed in the maritime flags flown by ships throughout the truly amazing Chronilogical age of Sail within the 16th-17th Centuries. Lengthy before modern communications technology, the ad banners flown by ships were the only real the way in which for ships to recognize the nationality associated with a other ships experienced around the open wave. Some modern flags possess a lengthy history. Remarkably the earliest national flag still being used is Denmark’s stark whitened mix on red-colored. Known as the Dannebrog, this flag dates completely to the thirteenth Century, in the tail finish from the Viking era. Obviously, flags produce other uses nowadays. There can symbolise teams, worldwide organisations, religions – even languages in multilingual areas.

To locate flags online…

Vexillophiles (that’s flag enthusiasts to me and you) step by doing this! For any large range of , in addition to related items, visit Mad About Flags. We actually are mad about flags!

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