Five Good reasons to Think about the Rhin-O-Tuff 3250CL Electric Coil Binding Machine

A year ago, Rhin-O-Tuff launched a brand new electric spiral coil binding machine known as the 3250CL. This new machine would be a complete departure in the durable industrial modular binding equipment which has made the Rhino Tuff title famous. Rather than developing another putty colored industrial searching binding machine for print shops, they made the decision to build up a modern day binding machine specific at professional office conditions. The brand new 3250-CL electric spiral coil binding machine is caused by this effort.

For organizations which are searching for a brand new coil binding machine for his or her office, you will find several good reasons to think about the 3250CL. Listed here are five…

1.Design: When PDI (Performance Design Corporation) made the decision to build up the 3250-CL they hired an artist from Hewlett packard to assist them to using the project. They desired to design a piece of equipment that will participate in other bits of equipment for your office in the modern organization. Consequently, the 3250 looks a lot more like a desktop laser printer than a commercial binding machine. The device is straightforward, durable, elegant and straightforward. Plus, in many office conditions, space is confined. This machine packs an enormous punch in a tiny package. Its dimensions are only 14″ wide, 17″ deep and sevenInch high. The little footprint enables this machine to become put on a desk, counter top, table or almost elsewhere within an office.

2.Simplicity of use: Among the primary complaints that people listen to customers at work conditions is the fact that binding is simply too time intensive and hard for a lot of of the employees. The 3250 is made to make binding simpler. It removes confusing features, changes and dials permitting operators to focus on obtaining the job finished. The punch is operated by one button and also the coil inserter is operated by another button. It does not get much simpler than that. Plus, instructions are incorporated within the drawer around the front from the machine for customers who forget ways to use the machine.

3.Capacity: Rhin-O-Tuff has generated an amazing reputation for themselves by creating durable industrial modular binding equipment. Even though the 3250-CL does not look industrial it consists of a commercial grade motor. This motor enables the device to punch a remarkable 25 pieces of paper at any given time. That’s a remarkable punching convenience of a desktop binding machine and it is equal or much better than the competitive electric spiral coil binding machines available on the market.

4.Warranty: Most bits of binding equipment include single year warranty. The Rhino Tuff 3250CL has a three year warranty on materials. Plus, they can warranty the punching dies around the machine for 12 months. No competition provides a warranty that’s even close.

5.Made In the united states: Nowadays, the majority of the binding equipment available on the market is created in China. However, Rhin-O-Tuff has bucked this trend and makes all their equipment in their condition from the art facility in Boise Idaho. During these tough occasions, it’s nice to have the ability to buy American made items and support US jobs.

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