First Utility helps automotive company in order to save 30% on energy bills

The Very First Utility () lately created a example to show how wise meters assisted a car client in order to save 30% on its previous year’s energy bill.

The company is Equipe Tyre & Autocare, a household run company with 30 years of expertise within the automobile industry. Established in 2002, the company presently works ten premises over the United kingdom, making essential. However keeping on the top of one’s bills across all its sites was showing difficult and poor billing would be a serious problem with meters being read rarely. This brought to in excess of-believed and pricey bills being received. Equipe wanted an answer that will assist them to monitor usage, reduce the quantity of energy wasted and more importantly ensure accurate billing its its premises.

Solution First Utility labored with Equipe to set up wise metering technology across nine of their premises, enabling the company to watch its energy usage and – most significantly – receive accurate bills.

Outcome 2 yrs after setting up the wise meters energy supplier First Utility is constantly on the provide Equipe’s Hq with one accurate payment, divided by site to permit full visibility of consumption and charges for every premise. This new method of energy provision has assisted Equipe make considerable savings across the entire business in addition to improve being able to manage financial budgets with increased confidence.

Talking about the result from the wise meters around the business, Equipe director Graeme Hepburn mentioned: -The information we are able to now look out of the internet portal allows each site to watch and manage its very own energy consumption. Each site sets a goal and aims to eat less energy their work is forcing lower our operating costs. The information supplied by the wise meter is invaluable, without them we’re able to not manage our energy consumption for this level.-

-We currently receive 100% accurate bills through the wise meter, permitting us to budget more precisely. We purchase what we should use and you will find forget about estimations. Now we have data to hands and may make sure that each website is around the correct tariff. Installing wise meters has saved us normally 30% per year, on the 2000 monthly spend, this can be a considerable figure.-

-First Utility and it is services happen to be excellent, until they arrived everything was uncertainty if this found our power bills now we’re in charge,- Mr Hepburn came to the conclusion.

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About First Utility

First Utility may be the wiser independent utilities supplier, offering gas and electricity services to a variety of consumer and business clients. It’s the only energy provider to unveil wise meters to any or all of their clients through the United kingdom. It’s by using wise metering technology that First Utility can empower customers to handle and lower their very own energy consumption and bills. First Utility is based in Warwick. To learn more, in order to compare gas and electricity prices from First Utility, visit

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