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Hailing in the small Greek island of Chios, Mastiha is really a Mediterranean tradition that goes back towards the ancient world. Hippocrates (500 BCE), the daddy of drugs, accustomed to combine it with honey for stopping stomach pains and fight sickness. Dioscurides (100 BCE), physician and herbalist, used Mastiha to assist digestion, strengthen nicotine gums and make teeth whiter. As Mastiha spread all through the med, Roman emperors tried on the extender to spice their wine and also the harem women of Turkish sultans chewed it to freshen their breath.

While Skinos certainly doesn’t claim that they can heal what ails you, it’s certainly a distinctive spirit that’s among the quickest growing alcoholic drinks within the Mediterranean.

To produce , the Mastiha tree is gathered because of its resin once each year within the several weeks of June and This summer. Small cuts come in the tree bark which releases small quantities of resin which are collected over ten to twenty days. One Mastiha tree usually creates a humble annual manufacture of 80 to 200 grams of resin – not really a particularly great amount, especially thinking about that every bottle of Skinos consists of six to seven grams of Mastiha! The Mastiha deposits are then moved towards the village in wooden kegs, in which the women from the village carefully choose and hands-clean the greatest quality Mastiha. The deposits are then combined with alcohol, permitted to infuse not less than three several weeks, then delicately distilled in copper pot stills. After distillation, sugar, alcohol and standard water are added, then your finished spirit is canned in quality glass from Limoges, France.

It makes sense delicately sweet, impeccably balanced spirit with distinctive notes of cucumber, pine, anise and fresh herbal treatments. Its flavor profile gained Skinos the Gold Medal in the Bay Area World Spirits Honours this year.

Skinos could be offered neat, chilled, being an aperitif or digestif, or integrated into cocktails in addition to food.

Skinos Fresh

1 1/3 oz Skinos

2/3 oz

1/3 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/4 oz simple syrup

1 dash Angostura Bitters

1/4 cucumber (without skin & seed products)

Muddle cucumber in base of shaker. Add some relaxation from the elements and shake with ice. Strain right into a chilled martini glass and garnish having a thin slice of cucumber.

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