Exotic Time Club Chandigarh

We attempt to supply the best items and services in one place. We’re striving to connect with companies that have size able presence all across the globe. Having a couple of such tie ups already in position and much more going ahead, we’re poised to attain positive results.

As part of Exotic Time Club, you may enjoy the ideal holiday together with your loved ones inside a far flung destination.

We offer the very best accommodation for 2 grown ups and 2 children for four nights/5 days in almost any place in the world.

Being an Exotic Club Member you deserve a saturday and sunday in the middle of your city or perhaps in a personal cottage across the country.

The different options are an intimate evening silently together with your partner or select from the numerous luxurious Hotels with the Exotic facilities we have around.

Dine out in a huge selection of Restaurants. If dancing is how your ft get you, why don’t you go liberated to our fascinating evening club close to your home…

How would you pamper yourself ?

How lengthy it’s been because you really spoiled yourself ?

Here’s the time to obtain yourself spoiled…

Exotic Time Club, Chandigarh, India.

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