Existence in ITV Creative

Existence in ITV Creative isn’t boring. We work across all genres and disciplines all the time, from drama to entertainment, and from sport to daytime. To operate in promotions and branding across a network of 4 channels an internet-based, we’re at the same time specialists and Jacks of trades.

Writing, editing, idea generation and pointing constitute our days. Eventually you may be filming Hollywood-style idents in Nigeria and subsequently you may be inside a booth around the Southbank editing together clips to produce the most recent season of Downton Abbey (the jetlag could be killer in the event that was ever to occur!).

The word -Jack of trades’ is really an unfair comparison. We’re professionals in the greatest broadcaster in Europe, in the end, to be type of proficient at everything is not adequate. The talent which comes with the doorways from the thirteenth floor is really remarkable, with those who are equally brilliant at calling the shots on set because they are at editing individuals exact same shots later on.

We’re extremely connected throughout the organization. Once the next large priority show is commissioned, we go into the equation early therefore we can increase the standard of their presence over the network. From the quick turnaround place for that X Factor to the present mix-network ITV rebrand, we’re constantly dealing with all layers from the business, from commissioning to exterior production companies, to ensure that ITV is perceived by our fans because the best it may be.

In lots of ways you may describe us because the face of ITV. Our branding produces the recognisable and familiar package by which our submissions are shipped our promotions excite audiences about approaching shows and seasons, even throughout the ad-breaks when it may be simple to forget what funnel you’re watching! Our poster campaigns fill advertisements up and lower the nation and ITV’s Youtube funnel is continually up-to-date with new campaigns thanks to ITV Creative.

Obviously the task could be demanding and late nights really are a given, but deep-down we work here because we like ITV and therefore are proud to showcase it at its best. In the runners towards the production team towards the Creatives, we constantly shoot for more- to produce campaigns that no-you have seen before to stick out over the crowd inside a market swamped by brands eager to be observed through the Great British public and lastly, to help remind people just why ITV is excellent.

Discover much more about employed in ITV’s vibrant news teams and also the jobs provided with ITV today.

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