Exchange Information Store Corrupt with Database not found Error

In a number of Exchange database procedures, like (although not restricted to) backup process, the operating-system is known as to see database pages that has to be written on disk. Throughout this operation, the checksum value put into database page header is in comparison with this came back by READ operation. The backup operation fails if these values don’t match. Such errors indicate corruption in database and want backup availability to revive lost data. However in times when user finds it unfeasible to revive from backup (since it is corrupted or incomplete), a Microsoft tool might help.

To illustrate the probable occasions, let us have a related scenario of the Exchange Server 2003 user. As he runs a backup utility to repeat the Exchange database, the operation halts by having an error that reads:

-Database wasn’t found and may ‘t be supported. Please make certain database is available and it is mounted.-

The logs also contain errors for example:

-Store_Title is really a corrupt file. This file cannot verify.-


-Access is refused. Access refused to database Mailbox Store.-

On going through the application event log, it shows error -1018.


The real cause of the aforementioned behavior is corruption of Exchange mailbox store, probably because of hardware issues. These errors cause checksum errors in database pages.


To solve the issue:

1. You have to run system hardware diagnostics to obtain the real cause after which isolate the attached issues.

2. User can produce a new mailbox store and slowly move the mail boxes in the corrupted store, to fix the database problems.

3. You may also try repairing the corrupted database using Eseutil/p repair utility. However, this command is frequently unrecommended since it removes the corrupted database pages and may cause important data to remove.

4. And, for safe database repair, make use of an Exchange Recovery Tool. Made to run safe checking methods, these Microsoft Exchange Server Recovery software can repair corrupted database and extract valuable data.

Software programs are an expert exchange database recovery tool designed for fixing corruption with Exchange databases produced with MS Exchange Server 2007, 2003, 2000, and 5.5. The program rebounds erased mail boxes and includes various advanced options. Suitable for Home windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000, this Exchange Database Recovery Tool extracts mail boxes in separate *.pst files.

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