Exactly what is a Strata Depreciation Report

Also called a “Reserve Fund Study”, the Depreciation Report is really a financial document which includes a thorough breakdown of all of the typical house components that the Strata Corporation will need to fix or substitute more than the future 30 a long time. It offers the Strata Corporation with a listing of current inadequacies, future forecasted capital costs and expenses for every element. Additionally the Depreciation Research offers economic arrange for the Strata Corporation to organize of these costs. The Study will be up-to-date every single three a long time, and will also be an important component of the Strata Companies extended phrase organizing.

At the moment, a strata corporation adds about 10% of their yearly operating cost range in to the Contingency Reserve Fund (CRF) yearly. This can be a requirement when the CRF is considerably under 25% from the annual budget. The problem with this particular approach would be that the annual operating cost range has certainly no correlation using the capital expenses of changing parts, that was exactly what the CRF was meant to maintain. This technique has resulted in inadequate funds within the CRF. For example, most strata local authorities don’t know age their roof system, the range, or even the expense to alter the it. The very first indication of this it must have alternative is really a leak within the strata models. The Depreciation Report will offer you a positive method of this method and alleviate the uncertainty in timing and expenses.

The alterations in the process is going to be a new comer to BC Strata Companies, but similar legislation was already passed in Ontario, Alberta and many other provinces, and will be in place sometimes for 10 a long time or much more.

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