Evaluating the GBC Magnapunch and also the Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700

Rhin-O-Tuff’s type of durable punches (HD7700 Ultima, HD7000, and HD6500) together with the MagnaPunch would be the most prominent of desktop production punches currently available. Many of these punches have the capability workhorses for any production atmosphere however you will find several key variations. Most customers will finish up determining between your MagnaPunch and also the HD7700 Ultima.

The HD7700 Ultima is possibly the most powerful desktop punch currently available. We have an extremely high punch capacity in comparison towards the MagnaPunch along with a comparable punching cycle. The punching cycle around the MagnaPunch is definitely an impressive second, as the HD7700 isn’t far behind at 2/3 second cycle. Inside a production atmosphere, that difference isn’t noticeable because it would take more time to seize the following lift to punch.

The finest strength from the MagnaPunch is always that the die sets don’t have locks or levers to ensure that they’re in position. Which means that a die set could be transformed within minutes. The HD7700 Ultima features Rhin-O-Tuff’s patented Quick Change Die System, enabling die sets to become removed is dependent on seconds too. As the MagnaPunch certainly has got the edge within the time savings factor of altering the die, the main difference is minimal at best. Of greater importance is always that the die locking system from the MagnaPunch is vulnerable to failure, creating a number of potential issues. The most popular solution in many production shops would be to tape the die occur place. The Fast Change Die System guarantees the dies will always be secure and won’t float as MagnaPunch dies are vulnerable to do too.

In present day marketplace, space is as essential as cost and time savings. Most desktop punches tell you they are “modular” in design, enabling the consumer to stack a binding unit on the top from the punch. The HD7700 Ultima, as with every HD Rhin-O-Tuff punches, is really modular having a large flat working surface that’s well suited for stacking a binding module. The aim of a modular product is to stack the binding module on the top from the punch if not being used for space savings or when creating a brief run of books for any single user. However, whenever a bigger production run arrives, the consumer can separate the punch in the binder and make separate stations for 2 customers, cutting production amount of time in half. The MagnaPunch states be modular in design, but includes a composite cover that’s tall, curved and it has side rails and doesn’t possess a surface that’s favorable for stacking a binding module on the top.

The HD7700 is built to be tough and simple to use. The HD7700 Ultima features a variable edge guide, controlled with a knob along the side of the device to make sure that it is usually square. The MagnaPunch comes with an adjustable edge guide too, and it is modified having a thumbscrew then moved and squared towards the page manually.

Possibly the greatest distinction between the HD7700 Ultima and also the MagnaPunch would be that the MagnaPunch includes a horizontal punching surface as the HD7700 is vertical. A horizontal punch makes punching longer documents simpler because the table offers support towards the paper. The vertical punch from the HD7700 is fantastic for most regular paper dimensions as paper could be dropped in to the punch, instantly justifying the smacked fringe of the page.

As the HD7700 features 14″ punching convenience of all dies, the MagnaPunch is just 11.7″ for many designs. The HD7700 will handle most European and legal size documents in one punch, as the MagnaPunch must be smacked two times.

The final difference would be that the MagnaPunch includes a continuous duty motor. Much like an electric train engine inside a vehicle, the MagnaPunch motor is running as the machine is switched on. It makes sense a noisy punch at idle along with a very noisy punch throughout the punching cycle. The HD 7700 Ultima includes a large motor unit and it is quiet before the punch is triggered. The particular punch is a lot quieter compared to the MagnaPunch, which makes it a far greater fit to have an office atmosphere.

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