Eurostar brings Paris even nearer to London!

TRAVEL NEWS November 2007

Eurostar brings Paris even nearer to London!

As from 14th November, the outlet from the new London terminal for Eurostar at St Pancras brings your way time from London to Paris lower to simply 2 hrs and fifteen minutes, city center to city center.

Out of this date on, Eurostar people is going to be taken from London around the completely new devoted high-speed track, which will drive them at accelerates to 186 miles per hour completely towards the Gare du Nord in Paris.

For anybody who not need in the future into manchester to trap the brand new high-speed link, Paris is going to be even closer, just 2 hrs and a few minutes! It is now time introduced for trains departing in the new station at Ebbsfleet in Kent, just south from the Thames and near to the M 25.

Your way time for you to The city can also be enhanced, with trains taking connecting the 2 capitals city-center to city-center in only 1hr 50 minutes.

French TGV Connections

However all isn’t perfect, and never enough continues to be completed to improve connections between Eurostar and also the French TGV network in the station at Lille Europe. Though many vacationers at risk of provincial France are not aware from it, it’s by far simpler to alter from Eurostar onto a French TGV in the Europe station compared to Paris. A general change in Paris means carrying luggage with the Metro, possibly with changes, to obtain from Gare du Nord to a different mainline terminus a big change at Lille means altering platforms, and frequently not really that, as Eurostar services and TGVs share exactly the same platforms. It might be false to state that connections at Lille will not improve they’re, although not until ninth December, when Eurostar bring their new schedule into operation. From on that day on, you will see some notable enhancements at Lille, designed for vacationers at risk of Lyon and also the

At the moment, you will find only four established “connections” at Lille enabling people from London to alter to some TGV for Lyon and often beyond as well as individuals, three are within just approximately an hour or so . 5! Within the new schedule, you will find five departures from London, between 08.53 and 14.34, three of these with hardly over fifty percent an hour’s wait at Lille. The very best service of, departing from St. Pancras at 14.04, will get people to Lyon Part Dieu station at 20.01, i.e. within five hrs.

For other locations, the enhancements aren’t so excellent. For people at risk of , journey occasions from London to Rennes improve in the current the least 6hrs 47 minutes, to a different quickest of 6 several hours and 14 minutes – departing from St Pancras at 08.53 having a 45 minute break at Lille however with another services, like the day’s only connection for Dijon and Besanon, for individuals wanting to prevent the Paris scrum the faster journey time from London means an extended wait at Lille – that is pretty pointless.

People wanting to accept train from Ebbsfleet and fasten at Lille are prone to be disappointed. Only four trains each day from Ebbsfleet visit Lille, and also the to begin these leaves at 07.15, and also the last at 17.54, past too far for connections at Lille. The train departing from Ebbsfleet at 10.15 provides a quick move at Lille for forward journeys towards the south of France, although not for individuals attempting to travel onto Brittany, who have a 2 . 5 hour stand in the rather spartan surroundings of Lille Europe station.

The reduced cost air carriers have well understood the benefits of good services between your United kingdom and if Eurostar wish to claw back people from their store, they’ll have to do far better if this involves connections at Lille.New best Eurostar occasions:London St. Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord: 2hr 15 minLondon St. Pancras to The city Midi: 1hr 51minLondon St. Pancras to Lille: 1hr 20minEbbsfleet to Paris Gare du Nord: 2hr 05minEbbsfleet to The city Midi: 1hr 41minEbbsfleet to Lille: 1hr 10min Ashford to Paris Gare du Nord: 1hr 52 min.

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