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Europe and China Jia is really a 150-year good reputation for the worldwide trade group, the company covers Machine tool , Equipment, consumer goods, Food Recycleables, Chemical industry Recycleables along with other areas. In 2002, Europe and China and Tai Cheung Ka formally merged in to the Swiss DKSH (DKSH) Group. 2008 Group Global Sell Amassing a lot more than 400 billion Swiss francs, the Swiss top 20 ranking. The first 80s of 20th century, Europe and China set feet in China since Jia equipment business, needs to Mettler, Anton Paar, Malvern brands to China. Now, a couple of years to construct a effective business comes with an excellent make of “running away”, Europe and China goes came from here then Kerry?

Lately, I required these inquiries to Europe and China Beijing Representative Office Ka, Ka on Europe and China Proxy Experience, choose the company from the concepts and prospects to add mass to trade agents interview Ka Wah (Hong Kong) Technology Division, Miss Lin Bo, gm of scientific instruments.ts.

Hua Jia (Hong Kong) Technology Division, Miss Lin Bo, gm of Scientific Instruments Acting experience

Analysis: Diversification and medium and small providers Cooperation

1995, the Mettler build industrial facilities in China, from Europe and China Jia through the finish of 2003, Marvin generate a China company, to depart Europe and China Jia at the start of 2006, Anton Paar has additionally established Chinese companies to depart Europe and China Ka … … Europe Hua Jia have single-handedly built the well-known brand to depart, Europe and China Jia current status? derive what experience?

“2006 years, Europe and China Jia Zhongguo team of 18 people, and today, Europe and China Jia Zhongguo team 40, 2009 with annual sales likely to break 20 million U.S. dollars, and recently has maintained a 25% rate of growth is anticipated to next couple of years, growth continues to be strong. ”

Miss Lin Bo strong with a number of data to battle it’ doubt. “Obviously, we acquired some experience from training learned.’s Europe and China happen to be more willing to look for Ka bigger providers, present day Europe and China tend to be more prepared to look Ka small-scale providers had Kar Europe and China all energy have committed to a brandname on, you already know how present day Europe and China Ka diversification. ”

“2006 year, when Peggy Anton Paar left Europe and China, we lost 60% of sales, then Europe and China Ka just one leg. Today, Europe and China Ka pluralistic, and differentiation strategy, Presently we concentrate on marketing the next five famous labels: Germany Kelv Shi, U.S. Maiqi Ke, Germany Elementar, the U . s . States Rudolph, the Uk Biochrom, make an effort to maintain each brand’s sales are sustainable, balanced growth, and around each Key items and programs associated with the establishment of professional sales and repair team, ”

Miss Lin Bo continues added: “I began to trade agents from working on that day on, I understand perfectly, Europe and China Jia is really a company according to market expansion, providers become bigger and more powerful following the leave is certainly going to happen, we have to do would be to positively get the China market, and providers as proper, lengthy-term stable cooperation. Europe and China Jia operating Malvern, Anton Paar’s years, we train their very own team, acquainted with the marketplace much deeper level, as well as received commercial interests. From another perspective, precisely because Europe and China Ka effectively released the company in China, may have more providers to Ka for Europe and China co-operation. ”

Agency standard adjustment: boost the “Supplier Evaluation Department,” the amount of lengthy-term cooperation oriented

“Recently, Europe and China Ka within the U . s . States, Japan, the 2 additional ‘supplier evaluation departments’. Today, Europe, the U . s . States and Japan and evaluation of sector includes Europe, south america, Asia market, Europe and China more fully Ka distributed all over the world search excellent providers. Additionally, Europe and China round the Ka branches and regions is going to be underneath the conditions of every country, to the ‘supplier evaluation departments’ suggested demand. “Miss Lin Bo states. Kerry then Europe and China in the option of brands and items agency standards do?

Miss Lin Bo stated that Europe and China Ka agent standards are continuously enhanced procedures.

To begin with, Europe and China Ka always look for some large companies at the begining of or first co-brand the organization, and today, Europe and China very likely Ka professional enterprise, while these businesses must focus their leadership position within the area of or with innovative technology.

Second, Europe and China providers and China Jia Jia hope share a typical cultural idea, simply, is the fact that we have to establish the lengthy-term supplier close ties, such as the lengthy-term cooperation, together to produce a good brand.

Finally, Europe and China is essentially brand Ka agent requirement is different. As everyone knows, the supplier of exclusive the weather is very harsh, however the Ka for Europe and China is worried, on one side don’t want to invest too lengthy within the energy agency, however Europe and China within the financial and capacity Ka to vow Providers harsh conditions.

Agent model to understand more about: Stay with the primary investor buying and selling agency, M & Vitamins

“Early 90s, Europe and China Ka take part in displays and show just the order around the overcome.” Miss Lin Bo remembered, “Situations are different, and trade agencies to think about the way the development continues to be my problem, Europe and China Jia wish to other agents to create a good example from a lengthy-term development road to trade agent. ”

“Agents around the development prospects of trade, actually, I will always be very positive, many from abroad, I attended the show present in Europe, the U . s . States, Japan, many technology-leading high-tech companies, but they are unable to completely understand China culture and marketplaces, and it has a language barrier, it’s important to trade for example Europe and China Ka agent for help. Therefore, if prepared, trade agents have lots of possibilities. ”

, Obviously, Europe and China Kerry is also exploring other kinds of development.

First approach: Europe and China Ka shares the present providers. Kerry’s Swiss headquarters

Europe and China generate a “risk assessment centers” to evaluate the providers we consider valuable. Europe and China and Kerry’s advantage is based on the logistics market, to ensure that cooperation to be able to manage a partnership company, Europe and China continue to be only accountable for the Ka make of china market and aftermarket. It ought to be stated by doing this the most crucial may be the establishment of cooperation between your two sides a lengthy-term, this is among Europe and China Kerry’s corporate philosophy. 2002

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