Euraffiliates launches generation x (Next-G) of revenue increasing Affiliate Software Programs

The affiliate market is changing quickly. Techniques of motivating affiliate marketers used even last year now no more maintain loyalty to particular merchant. To put it simply, it isn’t nearly an issue of having to pay the greatest commission rates. Affiliate marketers are identifying the price privately of producing traffic. If your programme does not offer not only attractive commission rates, or worse, works in a way that increases the price of increasing visitor count, then affiliate marketers will probably walk right to a merchant’s rivals.

In which the World Meets plc, an english company, has released a next generation affiliate programme software known as Euraffiliates, offered at . The program was initially produced for use within-house only, in reaction with other major programmes failing to provide a set of features that affiliate marketers were demanding. After many years of testing and refining it’s been now been distributed around any merchant searching for affordable, yet feature wealthy affiliate software.


Affiliate marketers are actually demanding personalised commission rates and promotions, a wider selection of marketing tools, versatility in the way the programme combines using their site, and enhanced confirming. They are also reluctant to trade their internet search engine ranking, and therefore their traffic volume, for brief-term financial reward.

Euraffiliates features new group of new generation, top quality -Next-G-, affiliate tools to satisfy each one of these new demands of affiliate marketers. The various tools happen to be developed directly from a marketer’s perspective, instead of from the coder’s, which makes them a lot more intuitive to make use of.

They include:


-In-house Affiliate Network-: Retailers can run multiple affiliate marketing programs for various websites on a single affiliate base, simplifying business.

-AJAX User Interface-: Administer an internet based system with no watch for pages to load. The program is made around the latest MVC-AJAX architecture, which provides a quick and user-friendly experience.

-Application Firewall-: Utilizing an built-in and positive firewall provides the merchant one more layer of security that he’s full control.


-Affiliate Content Widget-: Affiliate marketers can publish items or services which have been top quality to appear similar to their own.

-Affiliate Feed-: Enables affiliate marketers to show an Feed in the merchant’s site and produce commission.

-Refer a buddy tool-: Enables the site visitors towards the affiliate to touch on their buddies towards the merchant’s site and produce commission for that affiliate. Existing affiliate marketers may also refer the merchant for their buddies using their affiliate panel.

Search engine optimization FRIENDLY AND CUSTOM Connecting TOOLS

-Natural Links-: Connect to the merchant utilizing a -natural’ link. All affiliate details are hidden so human site visitors and search engines like google alike can’t tell it’s a joint venture partner link. Search engines like google will not confuse affiliate links with compensated links any longer.

-Deep Links-: Enables connecting direct towards the merchant’s sites without redirects.

-Affiliate Defined Links-: Retailers makes it possible for a joint venture partner to create and employ their own promotions and link them right through to a webpage of their own choice

MOTIVATE Affiliate marketers

-Differential Commission Management Tools-: Reward your very best affiliate marketers within an individual way. Define different commission rates for various affiliate marketers. Commissions could be set like a percentage, a predetermined fee or mixed. Commissions can set as existence-time or short time with repeat commissions for repeat sales.

-Flexible Cookie Options-: The merchant can set their own cookie expiry period and may choose cookie overwriting options (whether or not to reward first referrer or even the last).

Enhanced Confirming

-Performance Reviews-: All reviews are intuitive reviews to permit wise making decisions by both merchant and also the affiliate.

-Other Sales Sources Monitoring-: Euraffiliates can track and set of non-affiliate produced sales and lead sources to ensure that the merchant includes a truth of revenue sources.


-Affiliate Support Staff-: The merchant can communicate effectively with affiliate marketers to provide support and make rapport.

-Broadcasting Tool-: Communicate your message once to any or all affiliate marketers.

-Affiliate Mailing System-: Enables the merchant to locate new affiliate marketers or send a e-newsletter towards the existing affiliate marketers. New functionality get this to greater than a mass e-mail system.

Customers from the software are positive. David McAuley, an earlier customer stated: -Selecting Euraffiliates permitted us to approach potential affiliate marketers and demonstrate to them that people understood what they have to sell our items. Using Euraffiliates tells affiliate marketers that we are seriously interested in our programme.-

For additional info on the program, contact Lutfal Hoque at [email protected] or visit .

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