Eto ‘o two warm-up games-all of the ball pazzini inter 4-1 wins a buoyant

Inter milan after two warm-up game 1 victory over 6 correspondingly than Italian, Aaron, MeiZuo technology, and 2nd pre-season friendly, in comparison using the beginning selection sperry adjustment, kerry’s situation, plug pazzini replace obi and goran pandev within the beginning line-up. Moratti first this year to flat with los DuZhan, inter Leader and it is sister made an appearance around the stage, the fans to obtain warm applause and singing.

2 minutes, Carl’s lengthy cremona defence by Laura clears. a few minutes, the conclusion on pazzini it had been refused through the site visitors, and eto ‘o road stop the conclusion, penalty corner from the box, alvarez sneijder 20 yards wide from the far left feet. 7 minutes, alvarez breakthrough ball to eto ‘o, no points but was cremona guard lower. 8 minutes, pazzini outdoors the region wide from the far. The 11 minutes, rabbi “prior to the box was refused by pull together a seal here.

37 minutes, sneijder shot wide from winger. 40 minutes, dejan stankovic open tactics was refused by sneijder free-kick blocked through the wall. 42 minutes left, Karl dean crosses, Laura field dejan stankovic ended up sneijder was refused by his left feet outdoors the region stop the conclusion, defender penalty corner, left sneijder cremona defence unsuccessful to obvious a little way, pull shot wide from c’s. forty-five minutes, pazzini should select the kerry’s situation, plug shimmy later hit edge nets. The very first half stoppage time, cremona left the actual inclined, cristian chivu roof caving, former Atlanta striker’s preventing the ball, jersey chest following the break, 1 shimmy after 1! Inter milan in three straight games were competitors scoring. The very first half ended the match, inter milan temporarily 1-1 draw at cremona. Meaning media comments, the finish from the first half, “prior to being put out inter milan a basin of cold water”.

Plus, when sperry midfield to become tower, than Ann Katie, ferrari aone looks kerry’s situation, replace plug, c’s and Thornton. The 49 minutes, rabbi’s header which Custer pull together saved. 52 minutes, and eto ‘o pass, delicate pazzini was refused by Ough in Mr Blocked. 57 minutes, dejan stankovic select the best feet, pazzini volleyed shot, 2-1 score! Inter milan again lead.


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