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P Ghuma Ke’ may be the official anthem for that on-going ICC World cup Titles. The anthem continues to be composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, while Manoj Yadav has written the lyrics. The song continues to be sang by Shankar Mahadevan and Divya Kumar. The P Ghuma Ke video is extremely colorful and shows Shankar Mahadevan belting the rhythmic number in an exceedingly entertaining manner. The lively video fuels the passion of cricket fans all around the globe and refreshes some glorious moments of cricketing history. The recording also offers the mascot for that titles, STUMPY dance towards the tune of P Ghuma Ke alongwith another entertainers.

Leaving comments concerning the song, Shankar stated, “P Ghumaa Ke” literally means -Hit It Hard’. I was searching at various ideas to determine which direction we are able to take because we wanted to create a fun song, a dhamaal song which people can dance, they are able to sing and that we desired to use much more of a colloquial term, that was a concept that arrived late. Initially, i was searching in a regular dance song and by accident we created this phrase P Ghuma Ke. Everybody got excited and stated why don’t you create a song round the phrase.- The lyrics from the song uses some generally used Hindi phrases like aare paare (by doing this or that) and juta hausla badla faisla (buck up and alter the overall game). P Ghuma Ke has a mix of Indian beats and tempos and doesn’t comply with anyone style particularly with aspects of rock and stylish hop tossed in. The song, based on the composers, eliminates the typical loyal and run-of-the-mill Bollywood beats for any -fun and funky tune- having a -folksy feel along with a hint of rustic Punjabi-. P Ghuma Ke has three different versions in three different languages Hindi, Bangla and Sinhalese bearing in mind the 3 hosting nations India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The Bengali version continues to be sang by Raghab Chatterjee while Ranidu Lankage has made the Sinhalese version. Enjoy -P Ghuma Ke’ only on NyooTV.com. NyooTV offers an enormous assortment of music videos of genres, permitting music enthusiasts to consider their pick and revel in their favourite tracks whenever they would like to. NyooTV.com is a site where customers will find all Bollywood Occasions, Bollywood Parties, Music Launch, Bollywood trailers, music videos, old and latest tunes, plus they can view them in hd free of charge. Add social networking towards the mix and what you’ll get is India’s First Online Social TV Network, that can bring together entertainment with Facebook, Twitter and Bebo. Audiences can share their most favorite videos using their buddies on their own Facebook walls and Twitter updates. Using its brand new look and most 150,000 legal videos, NyooTV may be the ultimate place to go for web entertainment!

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