EN-GJL-150, Surefire GG15

EN-GJL-150 is really a low material grade of gray surefire in European standard EN 1561, it’s also named as surefire GG15 in standard DIN 1691 by Germany and Austria.

The followers are its equivalent grades, chemical composition, mechanical qualities, plus some photos of gray iron castings produced by Dandong Foundry.

EN-GJL-150 Equivalent Grades

Besides GG15 in standard DIN 1691, this grade can also be equal to the next grades: ISO 185 – Class 150 GB 9439 – HT150 in China ASTM A48 – Class 20, or 25 in USA UNI 5007 – G15 in Italia UNF – FG15 in The country AS 1830 – T150 around australia NS11 100 – SJG150 in Norwegian

EN-GJL-150 Chemical Composition

In almost any standard, caffeine composition for this grade weren’t mandatory, they permit iron casting producers to regulate caffeine composition based on the production conditions, as lengthy because the producers could satisfy the mechanical qualities.

However, some standards have given some chemical ranges for reference. C: 3.2-3.5%, Si: 1.8-2.4%, Mn: .5-.9%, P = .2, S = .2.

EN-GJL-150 Mechanical Qualities

Tensile Strength = 150 Mpa Yield Strength: No Requirement. Hardness Range: 150 to 200 BH

Just the tensile strength is the standard inspection standard. Other mechanical qualities are only concerned with reference unless of course the purchasers have particular needs.

EN-GJL-150 Gray Iron Castings

Gray Iron GG15, GG20 Crane Ball

Surefire GG15 Stove Parts

Surefire GG15 Counter Weight for Elevator

Surefire GG15 Counter Weight for Machinery

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