Educate For Existence Protecting Christianity

Educate For Existence: Protecting Christianity

Many Christian believers have questions regarding their belief, but who’s supplying the solutions? Actually, this is actually the primary reason for Christian apologists. Sadly, many Christian believers don’t know this is from the term apologetics. Unlike pastors, who mainly train the term of God, the task of the Apologist would be to defend it with reason and evidence. To follow the Apostle Paul’s command to -destroy arguments and each high opinion elevated from the understanding of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ- (2 Cor. 10:5, ESV).

Educate for Existence is really a non-profit organization located in North Park, California. Its mission would be to offer apologetics training to highschool-aged Christian youths. Within the last year, Educate for Existence has trained an apologetics course on creationism, evolution, and intelligent design, to a lot of students. This program examines the claims of each side from the evolution debate, and shows the evidence of God’s participation in creation. There’s never been more scientific support for the concept that existence wasn’t any sort of accident, but was created by an unimaginably intelligent being. Our creation science curriculumis ideal for public school students who’re constantly given an outdated, one-on the sides situation for evolution.

Now, additionally to intelligent design education, we provide a training course in world religions. Our worldview curriculum significantly examines Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism, along with other faiths, to be able to give students an awareness of methods these actions were founded, the things they train, and whether or not they are based on evidence. Inside a world filled with conflicting sights on God, morality, and existence after dying, an awareness of world religions as well as their fundamentals is very advantageous. Students within our worldview class will have the ability to see on their own whether there’s anything special about Christianity, or maybe it is simply another belief system.

Our course choices, too recommendations and extra details about Educate for Existence, are available at . Soon our classes is going to be obtainable in fully online form. Come along within our pursuit to display to the world that belief in Christianity could not become more reasonable.

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