EDB File Corruption Because of Bad Page Link and Exchange Recovery

Today business need efficient and wealthy use of emails, notes, contacts, calendar records, journal, accessories along with other private data, regardless of what type of device they using where they’re. Microsoft Exchange Server provides a texting system, which addresses all the small business for example security, speed and availability. Exchange Server produces another mailbox for each user, which may be utilized through Microsoft Outlook. But in some instances, the Exchange Server database could get broken and it doesn’t permit you to access data, send or receive emails, create backup and perform every other operation around the database. It results into serious loss of data situations and needed to become taken care of.

Inside a practical situation, whenever you attempt to access your mailbox in the Exchange Server, the operation might not complete and you will discover the following Event ID in Application Event Log of Exchange Server: Source: Ose Category: Database Corruption Type: Error Event ID: 447 User: N/A Pc: VOYAGER Description: Information

Store (2624) A poor page link (error -338) continues to be detected inside a B-Tree (Object Id: 2283, Pgno Root: 213598) of database E:ExchsrvrMDBDATApriv1.edb (3253654 => 3304833, 3253654).

Such situations, you are able to send plain mails using Microsoft Outlook but could not access everything from the database. Should you attach any file towards the mail, Outlook gives following error message:

-The operation unsuccessful.-

Such situations, you’re needed to handle Exchange Repair by sorting this problem. For those who have recent and finish backup of the database, restore data from this. Once we talked about above, the issue happens because of corruption towards the Exchange Server Database (EDB file). Corruption may be the consequence of virus infection, missing file objects, system crash, improper system shutdown, application malfunction and much more. During these conditions, you’re needed to restore and repair the database to achieve access of the valuable and mission critical data. You are able to restore and repair the database using effective and advanced 3rd party tools, referred to as Exchange Recovery software.

These software are effective enough to systematically scan the broken EDB file using efficient checking calculations and retrieve

all the Exchange Server mail boxes as well as their objects. Exchange Repair software have interactive and straightforward graphical interface and therefore don’t demand seem and prior technical abilities to attain absolute recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is the greatest available and also the innovative recovery tool for Microsoft Exchange Server. It utilizes Exchange Server 2003, 2000 and 5.5. Miracle traffic bot is made for Microsoft Home windows 2003, XP and 2000.

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