Easy-to-Embed HF RFID M1 Small Readers Module

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded (world wide web.GAOEmbedded.com) is providing it’s very easy-to-embed HF RFID M1 small readers module.It is made to enable just about any device with RFID readers technology.

This RFID M1 small readers module, model 713005, can be simply built-into medical equipment, industry equipment, kiosks and snack machines, in addition to mobile products including ink jet printers and sensor systems. It works in a frequency of 13.56 MHz featuring low energy consumption, fast integration, and price effectiveness. It is capable of doing reading through and contacting transponders that are compliant with ISO 15693, ISO 14443A and ISO 18000-3 air-interface methods. It boasts an on-board antenna along with the capability to fasten a standard 50 ohm exterior antenna to enhance the read range.

Having a baud rate selection of 4800 to 57600 bps, the small readers module offers options for customers to support their host processor requirement. The readers conveys by having an embedded host system through UART (TTL), I2C or SPI interface. It consumes little energy: 50A in sleep mode, 15 mA in idle mode and 60 mA in scan mode. Additionally, upgradable firmware provides forward compatibility for supporting future tag methods, security measures and personalized improvements.

This easy-to-embed HF RFID small module goes to GAO’s group of RFID Embedded Modules.This line includes 13.56 MHz M2 RFID Readers Module, 13.56 MHz M4 RFID Readers Module, and 13.56 MHz M9 RFID Readers Module. The household of RFID embedded modules is simple to integrate into many LF/HF RFID programs. They offer high end, cost-effective platforms for embedding into other products.

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About GAO Embedded GAO Embedded (world wide web.GAOEmbedded.com) is really a global supplier of embedded development tools and RFID embedded modules. GAO Embedded aims to assist customer reduce design and development some time and spend less by supplying the very best solutions.

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