Earthbag Building Grows Worldwide

Earthbag building (sometimes known as sandbag building) began about a century ago supplying safe, bulletproof and explosive device resistant animal shelters for that military. They demonstrated to become fast, easy to construct and sturdy. Exactly the same characteristics which make earthbags helpful for military and ton control reasons affect building houses. Now people around the globe are utilizing the same fundamental procedure for filling and stacking bags to construct their dream houses, home offices, shops along with other commercial structures.

Nobody knows without a doubt the number of earthbag structures happen to be built. My favorite estimate is approximately 1,000 and 1,500. Even though this is just a quote, it is dependant on 100s of hrs trying to find earthbag projects web reading through everything available about them.

Possibly probably the most distinctive facet of building with bags is the adaptability. Besides structures, earthbags may be used to create furniture, privacy and retaining walls, planters and lots of other uses in an array of environments. For instance, earthbags work equally well for domes because they do for structures with vertical walls. Additionally they stand out at creating free-form, curving structures.

The next projects highlight the incredible creativeness of earthbag contractors in addition to illustrate the variety of ways to use this unique building method.

in Moab, Utah: This 1,000 sq . ft . house is the very first allowed earthbag house in Utah. It uses earthbags as with-fill between concrete and wood posts. Our planet and lime plastered walls are decorated with strikingly colorful designs created using clay fresh paint.

in Rum Cay, Bahamas: Steve Kemble and Carol Escott made the decision to construct with earthbags so their property would withstand tropical storms. This innovative house uses bags full of crushed barrier and sand in the dredging operation of the nearby marina. To date, after being hit by a number of severe weather, there’s been no substantial damage.

, Crestone, Colorado: The Hart’s home is renowned within the sustainable building movement, getting been featured in a minimum of 10 magazines and books. Their double-dome earthbag home includes a connected space for his or her bath, laundry, spa, office and grow mattress. The baggage happen to be full of volcanic rock to insulate from the extreme Rocky Mountain winters.

at Terrasante Village, Tucson, Arizona: This 12 feet circular structure is made 3 ft below grade to moderate harsh desert temps. It features a ferrocement roof made from rebar and gemstone lath, that is covered with cement/lime plaster. The rooftop is insulated with recycled polystyrene, a plentiful material within their area. Inside temps remain comfortable. Total price: about $1,000.

As people uncover the benefits of building houses with earthbags (sustainable, safe, quiet, durable, low-cost, nontoxic, fire and ton resistant, rodent proof, bullet resistant, etc.), they’re also building commercial structures. Good examples include: La Casa p Tierra, a holiday rental in Panama And Nicaragua , earthbag schools along with a clinic happen to be built-in the Philippines there’s a ranger station in Bluff, Utah, an orphanage in Honduras, along with a large spiritual temple known as the Om Dome in Thailand. They are but a couple of good examples.

Additionally, contractors, NGOs, research institutes, and government authorities are finding the opportunity of using earthbags in affordable housing and emergency animal shelters. Needing only a couple of simple materials for example recycled grain bags full of soil or gravel, and regular tools for example spades and containers, a little dome or shelter could be designed for less than $100. This will make earthbag building among the cheapest cost sustainable building systems on the planet. Without doubt each one of these advantages are behind the present improvement in earthbag building.

Owen Geiger (Director from the Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building at ) and Kelly Hart (owner/author of ) have partnered to produce to higher focus and keep an eye on the rapid development of this novel building method. And for the latest news, building tips and improvements, visit our earthbag building blog at

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