E-Posting Business Models Described

Apple introduced the iPad having a great large fanfare however for marketers the iBook application is most likely the primary event. Harper Collins, Penguin, Hachette and Macmillan have previously signed with Apple to market their content through iBookstore in EPUB format.

However, other marketers are developing their e-book ranges with caution as you will find some problems that are presently conflicting.

The present issues and arguments

* From the publisher’s perspective, an e-book offered in a lower cost point sheds revenue because it means losing a greater listed printed copy purchase, so e-books contend with printed books. * From the consumer perspective, an e-book ought to be less expensive than a printed book because there’s cost-free of producing involved. * Amazon’s fixed cost point for e-books devalues books and does not provide the writer the versatility to distinguish their items. * Amazon’s model seems to become being employed as e-book sales are increasing fast, but as colour e-book visitors appear the kind of e-books available can change to include more costly highlighted non-fiction game titles.

Amazon’s wholesale model

Marketers generally sell e-books to Amazon . com in the same cost because they sell paper books (around 50% of retail cost), however, Amazon . com demands on selling them at $9.99. Marketers such as this model once the cost from the printed edition is near to the e-book cost of $9.99. For instance, when the retail cost from the paper version is $10, Amazon . com buys for $5 and costs $10 and also the writer will get $5 which is equivalent to they’d when they offered a printed version.

The model does not work very well for greater value books Amazon . com tends to buy around 50% of retail, they’ll discount the value to $9.99, creating a loss. Marketers don’t often such as this arrangement for greater value books for example hardbacks, despite the fact that they still create a reasonable margin in it. For instance, when the retail cost is $30 Amazon . com buys for $15 and costs $10 and also the writer will get $15 which is equivalent to they’d when they offered a printed version. Amazon . com sells baffled. The writer will probably sell more copies due to the low cost point. However, the low cost point potentially devalues future book sales and puts pressure on hardback prices.

Apple’s Agency Model

Basically marketers get 70% from the retail cost that they can set themselves. Which means that marketers can certainly earn more using the Apple model. However, if marketers feel they have to lessen the RRP’s of the e-books around the iBook platform to contend with Amazon’s blanket discounting, this could then affect their revenue, and could cause reduced margins compared to the present Amazon . com model.


There’s without doubt the Apple model gives marketers a much better deal than Amazon . com, however, the perfect model most likely lies somewhere in-between your two. If Amazon . com is discounting e-books heavily to $9.99, even though the writer continues to be making your way around 50% of retail cost, Amazon . com are devaluing the e-book value, leading to long term issues for that posting industry. Macmillan has lately had all of their game titles, e-books and physical, taken off Amazon . com simply because they could not agree using the blanket decrease in e-book prices. They asked for an iBook type model, with Amazon . com receiving 30% from the retail value, which may be set through the writer and never by Amazon . com. This model would really increase the risk for marketers making less cash from sales but marketers would make sure that e-books are positioned in a cost that values their worth as opposed to a standard cost for those.

Once iBookstore is ready to go we’ll without doubt find out if customers are prepared to pay more to gain access to content on their own iPad device. By supplying desirable hardware in the right cost point, coupled with quick access to content, Apple stands a high probability of interfering with the established e-book readers sales and battling the cost war that Amazon . com appears so keen to possess.

Look out for Google’s e-book platform starting later this season known as Google Models because this may alter the landscape all over again.

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